We are looking for people who say what they mean and do what they say. Those who show up on time and actually enjoy getting things done. Diligent, responsive, team players, who think attitude matters and go out of their way to pick a good one to bring to work every single day.

Career Listings


At Murphy Bros., Carpenters are relied on for a broad range of skills and tasks. You'll need at least 4 years of carpentry experience to have gained the general knowledge needed to perform a variety of duties which range from framing, trim, siding installation, and some miscellaneous tasks, such as drywall taping, light plumbing, and light electrical. Our Carpenters provide their own truck or van and the standard set of tools needed in the unpredictable remodeling environment. Part of that knowledge set includes reading construction plans and interpreting written project scopes.

You will also need to rely on your general understanding of materials and installation involved in most remodeling projects such as additions, windows, kitchens or bath projects, cabinetry, tile, countertops, plumbing fixture/ fittings, well, you get the picture. Are you good with people? Can you explain what you are doing and what needs to be done clearly to your project manager as well as impatient homeowners? Communication is as critical as a sharp saw blade. Apply online today!

Project Managers

Project managers at Murphy Bros. hold a unique oversight position, much like an air traffic controller handling multiple planes in the air at one time, all orchestrated to land safely at the right moment. It is stressful at times, but highly rewarding work. You can expect to work with designers as they hand off projects to you, clients who may or may not be easy to work with, and lead carpenters you will manage towards measurable outcomes—satisfied clients, on budget, on time. Apply online today!

Field Painters

There are many benefits for Field Painters at Murphy Bros. Field Painters experience daily travel to multiple job sites and working in residential homes on what may be the last thing needed to complete significant remodels. This position is critical to our reputation for timeliness as well as quality craftsmanship. In addition, some of these homes will be professionally photographed and may end up on the Remodelers Showcase Home Tour, or in magazine articles. Are you conscientious & meticulous? Do you see your job as being more than just putting brush to surface, but as an integral part of the overall success of each project? Apply online today!

Lead Painter

As the Lead Painter, you are not only applying finishes every day, setting the quality standards for others to follow, but also overseeing each painting project that you are assigned to—responsible for the overall quality of work, assigning tasks to and the performance/behavior of painting subcontractors, painters, and laborers and the appearance of your job site. While reporting to the assigned Project Manager for your job, one of your top priorities will be to keep the project on schedule, using your 6 or more years of project management knowledge and experience in the application of paints, wood finishes, and specialty coatings to make key decisions/adjustments in the field. Apply online today!

Paint Shop Laborer

The Paint Shop Laborer is a newly created job to help meet the new and increasing demand for in-shop painters/finishers at Murphy Bros. Duties include sanding, taping, applying paint or stain to trim, windows, and cabinet doors per directions by our Paint Department Manager. The work is entry-level, but meticulous as well as moderately fast-paced, with daily deadlines to meet. Bring your earbuds and your favorite music as the environment can be noisy at times. If you've got a good attitude and a desire to work in a fast-moving, hands-on environment while learning new skills, apply online today.

Lead Carpenter

At Murphy Bros, our Lead Carpenters play a very special role. Just as the Project Manager acts much like an air traffic controller, Lead Carpenters are the pilots in command, making minute-by-minute decisions, directing Journeymen Carpenters and General Laborers, and most importantly, spending more time than anyone with the homeowners. As a Lead Carpenter, we count on you to be our eyes and ears regarding how the project is going from the client's perspective, supporting a positive outlook with an "it's going to be okay" message no matter how difficult the situation. In the end, the Lead Carpenters will most likely be the ones our clients remember and praise the most. Apply online today!

Residential Remodeling Designer

Do you like being part of a small dynamic team where you are counted on every day for your attention to detail, follow-through, and collaborative spirit? Do you like to work with people, but really enjoy knocking task after task off a list? Do you like finding what’s missing in a proposal, catching typos in published works, but also following design trends with great interest? Then you should apply for the Design Associate position at Murphy Bros.. We are a growing family-run remodeling company looking for highly conscientious design-minded people to help our Design/Build Consultants formalize project scopes, help clients with making selections, work in Chief Architect (CAD) on layout options, and package design elements for design presentations or final contract with an overall appreciation towards a successful remodeling experience with our clients. If you think that describes you, then apply online today!

Design/Build Consultant — Remodeling Sales

This is the most creative and relationally important position at Murphy Bros. As the initial face of the company, the Design/Build Consultant uses their knowledge of residential remodeling, sales, and design acumen to guide clients from the initial discovery meeting, through the design phase and budgeting process to the final building agreement contract. Are you contentious? Outgoing? Detail-oriented? Can you read a floor plan? Do you see your clients as potential friends for life with home improvement problems you can’t wait to solve? Would your co-workers call you ambitious and humble at the same time? Do you believe returning a phone call in short order is just common courtesy? Do you mind being very well paid for your efforts including an incredibly generous medical insurance plan?  If so, then apply online today!

Future Opportunities Inquiries

If you just want us to know of your interest in working with us and hold your application until a good match opens up, just click the “Future Opportunities” link above and then click on “Apply for this job”. We know you are not applying for anything yet, so don’t let that throw you. Send us your resume and we’ll contact you when the right fit comes along.