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Whether you need a peaceful retreat for “me” time or the ultimate in bathroom efficiency for a busy working couple, we can transform your space so you begin and end each day in both comfort and style.

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Imagine an elegant freestanding soaking tub and large tile shower, heated floors, steam showers, shadow-free lighting at mirrors, and distinctive fixtures and cabinetry with organizers. Now imagine it's yours.  The smallest room in the house is often the most neglected as well as the most overlooked space of potential sanctuary in the home. 

Today, a well-designed and thoughtfully appointed bathroom combines spa-like comfort with universal features addressing security and safety.  We have done bathrooms recently that have commodes that come with their own remotes!  Obviously not for everyone.

And that's the point.  We design and build bathrooms for individuals. We program those remodels specifically to your needs and desires balanced by an appropriate budget.  Our goal is not to win awards, but to earn your satisfaction and future glee in a space that cleanses and rejuvenates. 


Minneapolis Bathroom Remodeling & Design

Bathroom Remodeling Projects

"My Own Little Spa" Remodel in Eagan

"I don't worry about my bathroom anymore. I don't hate taking a shower anymore. I love going into my bathroom. It makes me feel like I've walked into my very own little spa, and makes me very grateful".


Aging in Place in Style — A Shoreview Remodel

More and more seniors are remodeling bathrooms for safety and efficiency that serves their unique physical needs. It is called aging in place and this remodel features just such a design.


Master Suite & Walk-in Closet Remodel in Ham Lake

These homeowners wanted a nice walk-in closet with lots of organization, and they also wanted a larger shower, and heated floors.


Double Bathroom Remodel in Blaine Removes Jacuzzi

Updated and far more functional, both the kids and master bath now have the style and amenities they've always wanted. Well, the kids bath didn't get the heated floors, but they'll survive.


Plymouth Dual Bath Remodel

It was going to be a simple bath remodel, and then life happened. We can't always know where our journeys will take us, especially when it comes to the world of remodeling. However, the important thing is that they end up where we most want to go.


Master Bath Update in Edina In this bath remodel a little innovation goes a long way

A cleaner, more sophisticated aesthetic was always part of this bathroom update in Edina.


Brooklyn Center remodel features architectural baths

Our homeowners wanted to make this walk-out rambler their own while staying faithful to the character of this architect-designed, mid-century modern, Brooklyn Center residence.


Minneapolis rambler gets major bath renovation

A modern touch on a 67-year-old home


Universal Design Master Bath remodel in Chanhassen

If we had a dime for every monster jacuzzi we removed…


Master Bath Reconfiguration in Champlin

Removing a built-in tub, moving walls, combining vanities, altering a window—all part of this master bath project


Bathroom Reconfigure in Coon Rapids

Everybody needs their own sink, right?


Bathroom Transformation In Light

A Lakeville Master Bath Remodel of Two Opposites



  • Improved functionality: Do you have one of those bathrooms with only one outlet that everything from the hair dryer to your phone plugs into?  Like a snarl of snakes vying for position? Do you have one sink instead of the two you need or only one that actually functions even if you have two?  Do you hear slow dripping all night long?  Do you hang your towels on cabinet pulls because you don't have adequate racks?  These are sure signs your functionality score is low. 
  • The embarrassment factor: Few things will keep you from entertaining guests or mothers-in-law than a truly ugly bathroom. If you can hardly stand yours, what do you think your friends and family are thinking?  That's right.  They are wondering the same thing.  So on a scale of 1-10, where are you?
  • Increased home value: Bathroom renovations have a higher return on investment than many other rooms in the home. If you plan to sell in 5 or more years, a remodeled bathroom will be more attractive to potential buyers.
  • Energy efficiency because costs are never going down: Upgrading your bathroom with energy-efficient fixtures and appliances is always smart. For instance, think about installing low-flow toilets, water-saving faucets, and LED lighting to reduce water and energy consumption, resulting in long-term savings on utility bills—not that those will be going up ever again, right?
  • Enhanced safety and accessibility: The undeniable truth is we are all getting older every day.  Some of us are already old. Sorry, just a fact. It only makes sense to incorporate a universal design strategy into your bathroom remodel, which includes both safety and accessibility.  This is particularly true if you have elderly family members or individuals with mobility challenges. Features like grab bars, non-slip flooring, and walk-in showers or tubs will help prevent falls which are of particular danger to seniors.
  • Increased storage space: Many bathrooms suffer from a lack of storage.  In other words, everything lives on the countertop and nothing can be easily found or used. Politeness aside, it's called chaos.  An innovative design can add storage solutions such as built-in cabinets, floating shelving, or vanity units, giving you control back over your smallest, most cluttered room.  Imagine if it looked like you hadn't moved in yet! 
  • 21st-century plumbing and electrical systems: Unless you are itching for a trip down the mind-numbing road of insurance claims from a bathroom leak disaster, you might consider the wisdom of replacing those plumbing and electrical systems if they are 30 years or older. They can't last forever. 
  • More me time: Your bathroom is a space where you start and end your day—EVERY DAY.  Isn't it time you had your own personalized oasis? Upgrading to features like a spa-like shower, a soaking tub, or a luxurious vanity will transform your bathroom into a sanctuary where you can hide from the world for a while and rejuvenate while you hold your breath and imagine what you would look like 30 lbs. lighter.  We all do it.

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