We reward our friends and past clients for referrals even if we don't end up working with them! It's the thought that counts!

Since we aim to please, if not utterly “Wowify” all our clients, we consider you a potential member of our Happy Homeowner Referral Program (HHRP). 

If you have worked with us in any capacity please understand how much we value any referral you make on our behalf!

Even if you haven't yet come across someone to refer we have faith you probably will.


referral program details

Our Program is Simple

1. Fill out the form for you and your lucky referral. 👉

2. We’ll contact your referral and determine if we can help them. If we can, there will be a confirmation email sent to you followed a few days later by a heartfelt thank you note with a $50 gift card.

3. Referrals can be made for our full-service Remodeling and our Painting Division.


Murphy Bros. reserves the right to alter the parameters of this program at any time.


Your Information

Referral Information