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A kitchen remodel should enhance your lifestyle, express your personality and elevate your home’s value and appeal. Our award-winning design-build team will collaborate to achieve custom solutions that fit your family, budget, and home.

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Kitchen Remodeling & Design that makes your home life better

A carefully programmed remodel of any room, but especially the kitchen should flat-out make your home life better, not just different. That's how you know you got your money's worth and did more than just make it look different.

Better how exactly? Easier at every point of use or contact, more convenient, spacious, and beautiful for starters. If you can honestly say, as our homeowner does in the video below, "I can't believe this is my kitchen!" or "This is far more than I expected." then we've done our job.

Of course, a professionally planned remodel will positively affect your home’s value and appeal, but at the end of the day, it is your enjoyment of the space that matters most to you and to us.

Minneapolis Kitchen Remodeling & Design

Kitchen Remodeling Projects

Restoring Blaine main floor kitchen after disastrous dishwasher leak

This is the story of a dishwasher leak that turned this Blaine residence into a disaster area and how Murphy Bros. came to the rescue by working with their insurance company to restore their main floor kitchen while adding further improvements to the living room and entry.


The Italian Job — A Coon Rapids Galley Kitchen Remodel

A small galley kitchen in Coon Rapids has a complete makeover with a design nod to the homeowner's country of origin Italy.


Rural Kitchen Remodel—Catching up to life in 2024

What do you do when you realize the honeymoon with your home is over? You could walk away and find a new love, or you could get honest with what is no longer working and fix it. That's what this couple did in this main floor remodel.


Coon Rapids Whole House Remodel Revolves Around Kitchen

The Fall 2023 Remodelers Showcase Home Tour features this remarkable remodel radiating charm and warmth from the heart of the home—the kitchen.


Dishwasher Leak Ruins Kitchen in Elk River

There are many universal laws. Gravity is one. Your dishwasher springing a massive leak only when you are gone for the weekend or on vacation, that’s another. And that’s exactly what happened to this homeowner nearly a year ago, when he had his own “A River Runs Through It” adventure.


West Suburban Kitchen Expansion

With eight grandchildren and more on the way, homeowners Pat and her husband Ed finally concluded their cramped kitchen was no match for her expanding family of 22—especially during the many holidays.


Remodelers Showcase Spring 2016

Craftsmen charm revisided in this 1940's remodel.


Dramatic Kitchen and Bath Transformation in Minneapolis

This compact mid 50's story and a half needed new life in both the kitchen and the main floor bath. While expanding the footprint wasn't really a viable option, restructuring the layout and removing two walls made all the difference.


Beautiful Kitchen Happy Wife!

When these homeowners moved from a newer home to an older home they knew some changes were needed. The problem was would it be the kitchen, the bathrooms, or the laundry? The list was long and everything seemed important. How did it turn out? Well, we chose it for our 2020 Fall Remodelers Showcase entry (October 2-4) so that should give you a hint.


3-Toned Kitchen Remodel In Apple Valley

These homeowners originally approached us for a dual-bathroom remodel. However, once we sat down with them and went through the discovery process of asking key questions, we uncovered that a kitchen was the priority. Sometimes clients dream bigger than their budgets can afford. Well, actually, they always do, but hey, nothing wrong with being an optimist, right?


Ham Lake Kitchen Gets New Life for Beekeeper Owners

Local beekeepers redesign new kitchen for more space


Open Concept Kitchen Remodel in Egan

This Eagan couple liked what they saw at our recent Remodelers Showcase home and decided now was the time to make a big change.


Main Floor Remodel in Eden Prairie

From a new staircase entry to a completely updated kitchen and guest bath!


2023 Spring Remodelers Showcase Home features multi-level remodel

Our homeowners wanted to make this walk-out rambler their own while staying faithful to the character of this architect-designed, mid-century modern, Brooklyn Center residence.


A remodel for the long haul in Oak Grove

Young couple with twins plans to stay and grow in place.


Colorful Eden Prairie Kitchen Remodel

From a storage stingy kitchen peninsula to a wide and wonderful baker's island


1965 Fridley split gets a whole new kitchen & living room

After waiting years this couple finally got the design and remodel they wanted


Larger modern kitchen remodel in Mahtomedi

From a tight galley with a peninsula to an open concept kitchen and a 9-foot island—what a transformation!


Fall Showcase 2022 kitchen/addition in Golden Valley

This young family of four needed more natural light, more rooms, and a reconfiguration of space inside and out to fully live the life they envisioned.


Third time is still a charm!

Kitchen remodel features Cambria waterfall in this 1926 Mpls. story and a half home.


Delano kitchen remodel has a bold new look

Custom solid wood countertops makes an elegant statement


Charming St. Anthony Kitchen Remodel

Protecting the architectural charm of this mid-century home required detailed craftsmanship


Renovating a 95-year-old kitchen in Richfield

Blending a respect for history with the beauty and efficiencies of today's surfaces.


Blaine Kitchen Renovation

"I can't believe this is my kitchen!"


The tale of the kitchen that didn't fit

How moving and removing walls made all the difference in this Ham Lake kitchen remodel


Complete Kitchen Restructure in Maple Grove

When everything is in the wrong place and nothing works well


2021 Fall Showcase Main Floor Renovation in Minnetonka

What started as a kitchen remodel led to an entire transformation of the main floor in this Minnetonka executive home.


The Dishwasher Strikes Again in Chanhassen!

When the dishwasher rinse cycle turned into a river last winter this Chanhassen couple turned to Murphy Bros. to handle both the insurance aspect and the restoration efforts, which developed into a much larger project.


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