Homeowners Insurance Claims & Restoration Plus

We don't look at homeowner disasters in the same way other companies do. We look for ways to make it better than it was.



We can say we understand not just because we’ve been helping people through it for 41 years, but because our own offices burned down right before the pandemic hit.

So, we know on a very personal level what you are going through.

We also know something else even more important. We know how to recover. And we have a unique design/build process to share with you about how we do that. We also know how to make it better not just different—as these homeowners can testify.

Fire damage from a lightning strike that resulted in a whole house renovation.

Four Questions Every Homeowner Wants Answered

  1. What are the decisions that must be made and who makes them?
  2. What will insurance cover (scope of recovery) and is the settlement fair and realistic?
  3. What improvements should be considered beyond what was lost?
  4. Who can be trusted to advise and guide you through it all?

We are not a restoration company

Murphy Bros. is a design/build firm that also does insurance restoration work when it makes sense for all involved. The difference is in our depth of knowledge, skilled talent, and approach. Specifically, we identify the truest scope of work needed, work with the adjuster to reach an agreement on a legitimate claim amount, and then convert that into a building agreement the homeowner can understand.

In some cases that building agreement will also contain additional design work homeowners desire to improve or recreate the space affected by the disaster. Something most restoration companies will not or cannot do well.

Recreating doesn’t always make sense

For some, putting it back exactly the way it was, with no improvements, fits their needs just fine—using only a sub-set of the capabilities we have to offer. However, whether you are improving your home beyond the claim scope or not, we can only help if we are your trusted partner, from the start, guaranteed to do the work.

The 3-Bid Myth

We will not play the insurance game of 3-bids, and neither should you. Only the homeowner can enter into a contract for the improvement of real property (your home). Only homeowners can choose who will do the work. Either you trust us or you don’t. There is no real monetary gain for you in this endeavor—only time to be wasted for all.

The Adjuster is not your enemy 

In most cases your adjuster just wants to settle the claim quickly and not suffer for the effort. Knowing how to work with adjusters makes for quicker and reasonable resolutions.

Sometimes improvement does make sense

In many cases, homeowners turn the catastrophe to an opportunity. We did and so did this couple in the video below. In any event, we see and deal with the claim as a separate project and your desires for improvement as an extension of that project with it’s own design phase, timeline and resources. A win/win.