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Please Stop the Survey Madness!

Or at least make them count for something that really matters!

10 Apr 2019 | Tags :

Surveys. We all get them—all the time—and are learning to hate them. Even as the Marketing Director for Murphy Bros, I’m tired of them. And it doesn’t matter what you buy either, be it a car or a burger, you’re going to get a satisfaction survey. I’m half expecting my local bait supplier to jump right in…

Why Arc-Fault Breakers?

To keep your house from burning down, but...

The #1 cause of house fires (40,000 annually) are electrical. The answer is of course is to keep your house from burning down, but there’s more to that story than anyone expected when Arc-fault breakers were required in the U.S. beginning back in 20

2019 Regional NARI CotY Winner!

Contractor of the Year Award - Residential Kitchens $150,000 +

06 Feb 2019 | Tags :Contractor of the Year Award 2019

Murphy Bros. has won the NARI Regional (CotY) Contractor of the Year Award for the Kitchens $150,000 and over category. It is the 7th CotY award earned by the design/build firm, now in its 36 year of remodeling for Twin City homeowners. “This is a big dea

2019 Cost Vs. Value Report Released

Exteriors stay strong while upscale bathrooms gain ground

23 Jan 2019 | Tags :

Overall, the 2019 report shows exteriors remain strong in value while upscale projects such as bathrooms show an increase in return.

Living Small Sucks!

Are you suffering from the Big Living Small House Syndrome?

Stuck and fresh out of ideas, many Twin City homeowners are looking for practical guidance to solve the “Big Living Small House Syndrome”.

Why are paint colors so hard to pick?

It's mostly due to metamerism which sounds scary but it's not

Are you blinded by metamerism? Don't sweat it. We all are. As Paint & Fine Finishes manager Dan Flaherty explains in the latest short video from Murphy Bros. metamerism has to do with how we each see color differently. We’ve blogged be

Affordable, Reliable Radiant Heat

Exciting new heating possibilities for remodeling

Affordable, reliable radiant heat—not just for floors anymore! Mother Nature’s cold shoulder is coming. Relentless, invasive, penetrating cold. You might call her mother nature, but I already have a mom and she’s nothing like that! So, those of us w

Top 5 Most Misunderstood Remodeling Terms

That can cause chaos, frustration & potential disaster

What We Think We Know, but just isn't so... Misunderstandings can happen long before the work does: Actual phone call, circa 2016: Murphy Bros: “Murphy Bros. how can I help?” Homeowner: “Yes, hi, I’d like to know if you can redo my attic in crys

Mom’s Painters Program

New Careers Web Page Launches with Emphasis on Women

Mom’s Painters Program Aimed at Part-Time Marketplace This past week, Murphy Bros. launched it’s first full-scale careers page featuring a call for women in particular. “While we’re always interested in women carpenters and project managers, there a

Selected top 60 in satisfaction Again!

QR Magazine Special Report On Client Satisfaction

Murphy Bros. selected again by Qualified Remodeler & GuildQuality among the top 60 for innovation in client satisfaction Every year Qualified Remodeler magazine, in conjunction with GuildQuality, selects from among thousands of GuildQualit

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