Purpose & Values

We are here to make things better, not just different.

Company values matter more than money

Nearly half of all homeowners choose the wrong remodelerWhy is that?

According to a Pro Remodeler magazine survey cited on our blog, 48% of homeowners said in hindsight they picked the wrong remodeler.  They did so for a variety of reasons, including a poorly conceive and applied process, a lack of skilled personnel, and a mismatch in values.  When all is said and done, what drives people to perform at a high level of excellence consistently, is not the money but the value they take from their work.  

In other words, what they do day in and day out has to matter.  Furthermore, they want to work with people who value the same things.  That idea is so important, we decided to incorporate it into everything we do, everyone we hire, every process we depend on, and our ultimate reason for existing. 

Our mission, as stated above, is to make things (life) better for our homeowners, not just different.  That is not easy to do actually.   Most in our industry equate better with different. But we know that is often not the same thing at all.  If a design doesn't actually solve a problem or a host of problems simultaneously, then it's not serving that higher purpose.  If it's not better, it's just different. Not good enough for us and probably not for you either.

So, we have discussed, clarified, and boiled down why we do what we do and how we do it into 4 values.  And these are explained below in these short videos by the owner of the company John Murphy and our new CEO, his son, Ben.


Summary of our 4 company values

Uncommon Integrity

Uncommon IntegrityIt's what you do when no one is looking. It's also what you do when everyone is looking—make a promise, keep a promise. Own your mistakes and not the ones that don't belong to you. Work a full day even if you don't feel like it. Always tell the truth and if you're not sure what that is, at least don't lie.



Get it Done with Great Care

Get It Done With Great Care—Work hard, but smart. Getting something done quickly without attention to detail and best practices is not acceptable. Getting something done perfectly that takes twice as long as it should is also nothing to brag about. A poorly written email with tons of assumptions left unclarified is no less careless than a window trim miter that doesn't quite line up, an out-of-square cabinet door, or a paint job with dips. It also means the job you find undone maybe need your effort even if that's not your assigned task for the day.



Glad to See 'Ya!

This is all about attitude. As the saying goes, bring one to work every day and make sure it's a good one. "Glad to see ya people" also make life easier for others. They pitch in and ask more questions than they make statements. When they ask about your weekend, they really mean it. They simply make the day go fast.

Gotta be a better way

It is more than embracing the concepts of continuous improvement and the elimination of waste to improve capacity. This is also about a spirit of innovation coupled with the willingness to entertain new perspectives on established procedures. Another way to approach this idea is can be described as the 1% improvement concept—every day. Small innovations or improvements carried out company-wide over an entire year can have a tremendous impact.



The Difference

Purposeful Communication
The right channel, with a clear and valuable message.
Intelligent Design
Elegant solutions of style, aesthetics, sustainability, and durability.
Thoughtful Workmanship
"The well doing of what needs doing." —W.R. Lethaby