Industry Standard Checklist for Selecting a Remodeler

Not all remodelers are created equal. Not even close. So how do you know if you're about to hire the most qualified firm for your project? We suggest using this industry standard qualifications checklist. Just make sure you get a "YES" for every question just as we do...

Your Hiring Checklist

A current Minnesota State Contractors License?
Yes. Our Minnesota Contractor License is BC003416 and it's the only one we've ever had. Be careful to check on that because some remodelers go out of business and then come back under another name and license number.

Valid liability and workers' compensation insurance?
Yes. Insurance is important because it protects everyone involved in remodeling: the homeowner, the contractor, and the workers.

Multiple bank and vendor references?
Yes. Murphy Bros. is a financially stable and fiscally responsible company and has been for more than 40 years.

A good record with the BBB and State Attorney General's Office?
Yes. We have an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau and have never had a complaint filed against us with the State Attorney General's Office. And we've been nominated and won the Torch Award for Ethics in Business—twice.

Current membership with local building associations such as NARI, Housing First Minnesota, or the Remodelers Council?
Yes. Our memberships in professional associations keep us educated and up-to-date on industry best practices and continuing education requirements.

A long list of satisfied clients with vetted public testimonials that will vouch for your quality and professionalism?
Yes, having served more than 3,000 clients we have a wealth of testimonials and reviews to share with you. We also use an independent research firm to survey our clients after the project is completed. We do so as much to promote our successes as to learn what we can do better, so ask to speak with our clients and read our GuildQuality Reviews.

Samples of plans and specifications that are clear and complete?
Yes. Incomplete or inaccurate plans are among the top causes of construction errors and budget overruns. Our plans are detailed, accurate, and complete. Talk to us about the importance of having proper construction plans when you are remodeling or building a new home.

Specialized training or relevant education to guarantee successful project completion?
Yes. Our staff and industry partners are properly licensed and skill-tested. We are committed to continuing education for our full-time staff so they are always up to date with the latest "best practices" and product knowledge. With Murphy Bros., you can relax knowing the people working on your home have also been security-checked.

A website that details your process, thoroughly illustrates your work and outcomes, maps your project areas, links to your references, shows homeowner ratings whether they are flattering or not, and is kept up to date?
Yes. Obviously, you're on it right now. A well-maintained website is a reflection of a well-run company and demonstrates a commitment to clear and thorough communication.

Do they really listen? Do they ask questions as much or more than they make statements?
Yes, well, most of the time we do. We suffer from the human condition as much as you, but it is our stated intention to find out what really matters to you in your remodel first and foremost. We don't assume we know that answer when we walk in your door.  What doesn't work? What is the solution, the desired outcome? What's the way you want to feel and function when all is said and done? What needs to be better?