Home Services & Repairs

Quick and simple home improvement services performed by highly experienced pros for small jobs project in Minneapolis & St. Paul, that can be done in an hour, a day or a week.

Got a squeaky floorboard or loose deck railing?  Doors that no longer shut? Range hood vent or bathroom vent that needs repair or replacement? Need a new front door or a rotten window replaced?  No worries!  We do interior and exterior repairs and simple installations.

Not sure if it's that simple? Maybe it's not as small a job as you think, you just don't know, right?  Again, no worries. We can help evaluate the problem and suggest the most cost/efficient solution—even if that isn't us!  HSR is your peace of mind call when you've got a small, nagging issue that no one else seems to be able to address. 

Contact us now and let's see what problems we can solve for you today at 763-780-3262 or fill out the "Start the ball rolling" form below and we'll call you!

Why you shouldn't try to fix it on your own

How Does It Work?

Fill out the form above. Or, you can just call us directly at 763-780-3262. Either way, we will need to talk with you to get vital information.
Once we have a chance to talk with you by phone about your project we will schedule a date for our Home Servies Pro to travel to your home and consult with you before beginning any work.  And yes, we take credit cards over the phone and on-site. 

To schedule your initial visit we ask for $124 to cover our trip charge and the first hour of our visit. This will secure your place on our schedule.

Once on-site, our pros will assess the work needed to be done with you, detail it on a work order for your approval, and begin work if they have the materials needed. If not, they will go get those materials. We add a standard 25% handling fee for materials we purchase for your job. 

Our labor rate is $124 per hour, which includes any material trips.

Now theres a solution for smaller Home improvement projects you don't want to do

We Consult First, Then Perform The WorkWe can get it done quicker and better. 

Not bragging here. Its just a fact. Its what we do all day long, so naturally we are better and quicker at it.  Plus we've seen a lot.  And we mean a lot. So, nothing you can show us will shock or surprise us in the least.  And we'll know the best way to solve the situation.

So, check out our curated list of the most common home services we can help you with.

Repair & Touch Ups

We consult with you on the best-planned solution and then perform the work. Here's our most common list of repair work we do:

• Minor Repairs (leaky faucets, loose cabinet handles, squeaky doors)

• Plumbing Repairs (leaks, drains, repairing or replacing fixtures)

• Electrical Repairs (replacing outlets, switches, light fixtures)

• Appliance Repair (repairing malfunctioning appliances)

• Drywall Repair (patching up holes, cracks, or other damages)

• Door and Window Repairs (fixing alignment, locks, weatherstripping)

• Gutter Repair (cleaning, fixing issues for proper drainage)

• Tile and Grout Work (repairing or replacing tiles and grout)

• Fence and Gate Repairs (fixing or installing fences and gates)



We can install a product you have purchased or pick up one for you to install at a simple transparent markup.  Here's a list of our most common installations:

• Painting (interior and exterior touchups)

• Carpentry (installing shelves, cabinets, trim & molding)

• Appliance Installation (installing new appliances)

• Furniture Assembly (assembling flat-pack furniture)

• Pressure Washing (cleaning exterior surfaces)

• Fixture Installation (lights, ceiling fans, faucets, toilets, shower heads)

• Flooring (vinyl plank, hardwood, laminate) 

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ'SIf we haven't covered it here, you can always call us.

To schedule time with a pro, you will need to talk by phone with our service coordinator, pick a date and time, and then pay $250 with a credit card, which will cover the trip to your home and the first 2 hours of time.  Thereafter, the cost is simply time and materials:  The time is $124 per hour and the materials include an additional 25% for handling, which is standard for the home services industry.

Life happens.  We get it. So, should you need to reschedule, simply call us as soon as you can at 763-780-3262, or call the pro you have scheduled to have come to your home. 

To comply with state law, we adhere to the Building Association of Minnesota (BAM) Performance Guidelines as well as for warranty. We consider those minimum guidelines and exceed them in most cases. 

If you change your mind or hire someone else please do so 24-hours prior to your scheduled date and time by calling us at 763-780-3262, or call the pro you have scheduled in order to receive a refund.