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Like cosmetic surgery, an exterior facelift can make any home look young and vibrant again. It also can improve energy efficiency, reduce maintenance and increase resale value. Picture a portico that shelters arriving guests, durable siding that resists hail and requires no painting, and beautiful windows and doors that keep cold out while enhancing the view – inside and out. Whether your goal is to raise curb appeal for a future sale or avoid maintenance and repairs in anticipation of retiring, exterior remodeling is an excellent plan.

Talk about curb appeal! We actually moved the front entrance to the left, built an entrance portico with stone columns, and resided the rest of the home.

It's not just about the look and feel of the home exterior, its also about the points of contact where all the surfaces join. They not only have to be done with the latest building science in mind, but reflect the elegance demanded by the design. That it works isn't good enough. It must also look fantastic.

This exterior remodel features LP Smartside siding.

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