Deck Fireplace Remodel in Plymouth

Who puts a stone fireplace on an elevated deck? We did.

Privacy is always a challenge when your neighbors are close by—even when you like them. Our challenge in this particular Plymouth detached townhome environment was to provide exceptionally attractive privacy screening from the neighbor on one side while maintain the view of a park trail on the other side. We did all this on a second floor deck while maintaining the existing footprint.

Design/Build Consultant — Cherie Poissant

Project Manager — Jamie Rosenlund

Lead Carpenter — Jamie Janski

Carpenter — Ivan Sass

Carpenter — Drew Vocelka

Photography — Drew Gray

Full remodel showing fireplace privacy wall and lower level stamped concrete patio.

“This couple really liked their view,” recalled Murphy Bros. lead designer Cherie Poissant, “but wanted to frame that view against a point of interest that also screened the neighbors who were only 25 feet away.” Since no stairway was desired, all the space on the deck was in play.

BEFORE—back elevation showing deck and undeveloped patio area.

BEFORE—West view of deck and pergola with with next door neighbor's townhome.

The fireplace actually puts out quite a bit of heat so this application will actually extend the use of the deck into late fall, even early winter and spring.

“They really liked the idea of a fireplace as the privacy wall,” said Poissant. “That’s pretty unique. You really don’t see stone fireplaces with bench seating and a six-foot wall on a second floor deck. But that’s why they came to us, because we really thrive on the custom design approach,” explains Poissant.

Adding a stone fireplace and wall presented some structural support challenges to overcome. Murphy Bros. added several helical piers footings to support the extra weight. Piers are ideal for difficult clay soils, which are so prevalent in Plymouth.

Adding helical pier footings to support additional weight.

                  • Decking — Composite Timbertech Carribean Redwood color decking 5/4 x 6, grooved planks with hidden fasteners.
                  • Fireplace surround — Boulder Creek Cultured Stone - Clifton Bradford drystack
                  • Gas fireplace — Courtyard outdoor 36" traditional fireplace with IntelliFire ignition, high definition log set
                  • Accent stone — Chisel face Antique Tan hearthstones with gray grout
                  • Railing — Powder-coated bronze Aluminum railing system with 3.5'' Nova post caps & Saturn LED Lights
                  • Helical Pier footings
                  • Stamped patio concrete — Base concrete color Hay, with variation colors Burnt Umber and Copper Canyon with perimeter a border.

AFTER— Stamped concrete patio, custom wrapped support columns and under-deck ceiling. Parkway access in background.

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