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Why is the "Cheap Guy" the cheap guy?

A chronic theme that I encounter in the building industry is stories from people who repeat the usual list of complaints about the guy who built or remodeled their home.  They will complain about the shoddy workmanship, the lack of communication, the chea

Year End Opportunity

Have you put off shingling the roof trying to stretch another year out of it? Are you finally tired of that bath with a couple of loose tiles in the shower?   2011 is almost over and that means that our promo with GE Capital is about to end.  There is sti

Musty Odors?

18 Mar 2010 | Tags :FAQ, handyman, Mold, repairs, spring

A musty smell in the house is a sure sign that a mold is present in a growing state. If you have allergies, asthma, or are concerned about other problems associated with mold growing in your house; you should contact a professional that specializes in mol

Homeowners Spring Checklist

10 Mar 2010 | Tags :FAQ, maintenance, repairs, spring

Wash windows and window screens Test smoke and CO detectors and change batteries. Exterior House Check-up Inspect the roof for damage from winter cold and ice, missing or broken shingles, damaged or missing vents or flashin

Desperate Homeowners are easy targets for charlatans.

In just this past week I have heard first hand of three separate instances of people, in their attempts to get a deal, got fleeced.  If you read the paper, internet news or watch TV it is easy to understand why consumers believe that contractors are despe

10 Tips to Winterize Your Home

1.  Change your furnace filter - If a furnace filter is doing its job, it collects all sorts of dust and particles.  Over time the filter becomes filled with these particulates which reduces its ability to clean the air and decreases the furnace performan

Red Flags

10 Red Flags when hiring a Contractor - Here are some simple alerts to listen for or to verify when deciding on who to trust to work on your home. The contractor says "I can save you a lot of money if you pull the building permit" The contractor does

Energy Efficiency and Lighting

With each remodeling project I do, whether small, medium or large, I evaluate each client's goals and balance that with their budget to present options and make recommendations. Lighting design and selections are very important elements of that design pro

Insurance Covered Losses: How to Proceed

From a property owner's perspective, insurance claims can be a huge frustration or a relatively easy process.  It often depends on how you choose to get the repairs done.  Most policies provide coverage that will pay for a professional restoration company

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