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May is Home Remodeling Month. Ever ask yourself why?

We all know industry invented it, but the real question is why are you even thinking about it?

WIFE: “Hon, it looks like the neighbors are getting a new kitchen.”HUSBAND: “Good for them, hope they enjoy it.”WIFE: “Get serious. Our cabinets are the original from 20 years ago and now the doors creak!”HUSBAND: “

Cost Vs. Value 2023

The CVV report is out with a couple of surprises for kitchen/bath remodels

This report surveys more than 6,000 Realtors. They in turn review project specifications and cost estimates, along with photos and illustrations describing the projects. Finally, they must answer the big question: “What value does this project add to the sale price of a home?”

How Hard Can It Be?

A simple bathroom remodel. How hard can it be, right? Right.

It is common for us to get calls from homeowners hoping against hope that the littlest room in the home, the bathroom, can be easily remodeled for a few thousand dollars. After all, they saw it done on HGTV in less than 30 minutes for 5k!

2022 Cost Vs. Value Report

The annual report just came out and to no one's surprise costs & values continue to rise

This year's report shows a slight decline, 2.1% in overall ROI with exterior curb appeal projects taking the top 6 spots.

A White Picket Fence for your Bathroom?

New picket style ceramic tile now available

Time for an Oasis? Bathrooms should be an oasis of comfort and refreshment, not a desert. So if you are thirsty for relief from your dated bath environment, we have a surface suggestion for your consideration—picket.There are actually two new Picke

My bathroom belongs in a horror movie...

Top Reasons to Remodel Your Bathroom

“My bathroom is so horrible that if alive today, Alfred Hitchcock would remake The Birds into The Bathroom.” one of our past clients joked in a recent phone call about why she was so desperate to remodel her master bathroom.

The Ideal Home Office Is Lacking One Thing

Sure it’s remotely functional, but does it make your brain happy?

Beauty at the office should be everyday. According to scientific research your brain experiences pleasure when you look at this Cézanne landscape painting. And even more so if you owned it! Through all the worry and madnes

What is your “Clean Factor”?

Is your kitchen "designed" to stay clean?

So, here are few questions we often ask to begin the process of understanding your “clean factor”:

When will remodeling prices come down?

Is that a fish riding a bicycle?

That was the question asked of homeowners and remodelers this past year and the answer is revealing. Half of the homeowners (50%) expected prices to go down while only 1% of remodelers shared that expectation. In other words, 99% of remodelers expected

2021 Cost Vs. Value Report

A synopsis of the 2021 Cost Vs. Value Report shows changes on both ends

As expected, this year’s report shows significant changes in remodeling project values due to pandemic-related cost increases across the board. What it measures The report answers a single question: What value does a particular remodeling

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