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Free Estimates. We Would Never Do That To You!

What’s a Free Estimate Worth? It's worth about what you paid for it. At it’s best it’s a qualified guess. At it’s worst it’s a ploy that can and often does lead to a disaster. That’s why when asked about it we reply, “Free Estimate? We would never

Five Consecutive 5-Star Reviews Again & Again & Again

So What's The Big Deal?

Why should repeated five consecutive 5-star reviews matter to you? While almost every company in the retail world offers the public multiple opportunities to weigh in on satisfaction, few ever confirm the review as accurate or legitimate. With Guil

The Cold Hard Facts About Paint Storage, Transportation and Application

Whether winter is coming or going, our thoughts (at least in the paint dept.) turn to the proper care and use of, you guessed it, paint and or stain. What can we say, we love it so. Be that as it may, we realize most homeowners don't necessarily love it

New Website Launched! Murphy Bros. Paint & Fine Finishes

Murphy Bros. Paint & Fine Finishes launches new website to help homeowners understand their options when considering paint or stain applications for interior or exterior applications.

New Chanhassen Design Center!

Browse material selections from the latest trends in residential remodeling

19 Oct 2016 | Tags :

Now South Metro homeowners have a new design center at 1330 Park Road Chanhassen, MN. Browse material selections from the latest trends in residential remodeling and chat with our design/build experts about your ideas, questions & plans.

Home Intelligence Series—Part 5

Universal Design is all about adapting to change

Americans overwhelmingly prefer to stay in their homes and live independently for as long as they can. Whether that’s possible depends, in part, universal design features. ​

Home Intelligence Series—Part 4

Its not easy being green. Or is it?

Don’t fix what ain’t broke and Don’t assume it ain’t broke Business consultant Peter Drucker makes a very good point about measurements and improvement. If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it. Fortunately, there are ways to measure the ener

Home Intelligence Series—Part 3

Indoor Air Quality—in with the good, out with the bad

The third in a series of five blogs on home intelligence deals with understanding aspects of indoor air quality.

Home Intelligence Series—Part 2

It’s pretty, but will it last?

Understanding durability in design and materials

Home Intelligence Series—Part 1

Homes are getting smarter but are we keeping up?

Intelligent Homes vs.Home Intelligence

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