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Home Intelligence Series—Part 4

Its not easy being green. Or is it?

Don’t fix what ain’t broke and Don’t assume it ain’t broke Business consultant Peter Drucker makes a very good point about measurements and improvement. If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it. Fortunately, there are ways to measure the energ

Home Intelligence Series—Part 3

Indoor Air Quality—in with the good, out with the bad

The third in a series of five blogs on home intelligence deals with understanding aspects of indoor air quality.

Home Intelligence Series—Part 2

It’s pretty, but will it last?

Understanding durability in design and materials

Home Intelligence Series—Part 1

Homes are getting smarter but are we keeping up?

Intelligent Homes vs.Home Intelligence

Keeping up with our Partners

The benefits of frequent updates with our supply partners

We bring in or visit our most trusted supply partners to make sure we know the latest and greatest about the materials and finished projects you may choose.

Join us at this Minneapolis Remodeling Expo May 6-8!

For folks serious or curious about remodeling.

Murphy Bros. Design/Build staff invite you to join them May 6-8 at the Minneapolis Remodeling Expo at the Minneapolis Convention Center.

Spring Cleaning With Old Paint

Not this old paint cowboy, the ones that come in cans!

Not this old paint cowboy, the ones that come in cans—your old, unused, and near empty paint cans that could be recycled for free!

Remodeling Impact – Joy, Appeal, ROI

Murphy Bros. View of 2016 Remodeling Report

New Remodeling impact study suggests If you plan to remodel, expect to get extra enjoyment out of your project!

Outstanding Not-So-Open Murphy Bros. Kitchen (R57)

See our Montrose Ln Kitchen on Remodelers Showcase Tour

Planning to tour Remodelers Showcase homes this weekend to gather inspiration for your own project? Then be sure to include Murphy Bros.’ latest St. Paul remodeling (R57) on your must-see list. Many Showcase homes provide fine examples of achieving the po

A Candid Conversation with Murphy Staff & Clients

The first of 5 videos on the remodeling experience

10 Mar 2016 | Tags :

Most people have no idea what is involved in a successful remodel—what to expect, what it can cost. It's a mystery we hope to clear up with this coming video series.

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