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Tax Savings

31 Mar 2009 | Tags :Economy, remodeling, Taxes, up and coming

April is here!  Spring is here!  This is the season for flowers, birds returning, splashing in puddles (or stomping perhaps, like my 5-yr old boy!) and sunshine.  I say this on March 31st½and it snowed today!   April also brings with it the thought of tax

Radiant Heating 102: Types of Installation

"Wet" floor installation Methods Cables or tubing are embedded within a solid floor, either in a thick concrete foundation slab (commonly used in "slab" ranch houses that don't have basements) or a thin layer of concrete, gypsum, or other material install

Radiant Heating 101

Many of our clients are looking for inexpensive ways to add value to their remodel with an extra, finishing touch.  The focus of this 2 part entry is on radiant floor heating - an add-on that can make a great room even greater! Radiant Heating 101 In gen

Paint & Fine Finishes

24 Feb 2009 | Tags :painting, remodeling, up and coming, Updates

Check out!  This is the new home of Murphy Bros. Paint & Fine Finishes, our own in house paint department.  Anyone looking for painting or prefinishing work can find out more here.  Our paint staff regularly does work for contractor

Remodeling: Is it Worth It?

The $64,000 Question Many or clients are asking us these days: "Is it worth it?" What they mean is; "How much benefit will I truly receive from investing in my home?" And; "How much is too much?". The answer to both questions is "it depends". I'm not bein

Basements: The Undiscovered Jewel

We homeowners are always interested in finding ways to increase the value of our homes - this is even more important in our current economy, where buyers are pickier and every nook and corner of space needs to be maximized for value and function. A baseme

Insurance Covered Losses: How to Proceed

From a property owner's perspective, insurance claims can be a huge frustration or a relatively easy process.  It often depends on how you choose to get the repairs done.  Most policies provide coverage that will pay for a professional restoration company

Cold MN Days: Condensation on inside of windows???

27 Jan 2009 | Tags :cold, FAQ, home improvement, remodeling, windows, Winter

We recently installed some new Low E, Argon windows for a client (a second project for them), which increased the energy efficiency of the home. The homeowner emailed asking about condensation on the windows on our cold Minnesota days. I thought I might p

Great Winter Projects: Attic Remodel

 A finished attic is a great project to undertake in the winter time. Transforming unused space into cozy bedrooms, a playroom and adding an additional bathroom will add value to your home if it is done with thoughtful design, careful planning and quality

We're on Facebook!

15 Jan 2009 | Tags :facebook, up and coming, Updates

Murphy Bros. is now on Facebook!  You can see our profile page @ or if you aren't a member of Facebook, check out the Murphy Bros. fan page @

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