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Red Flags

10 Red Flags when hiring a Contractor - Here are some simple alerts to listen for or to verify when deciding on who to trust to work on your home. The contractor says "I can save you a lot of money if you pull the building permit" The contractor does

Bruce Springsteen and Cambria

I had the pleasure of attending the Bruce Springsteen concert last Monday night at the Xcel Center in St. Paul. I was invited to view the concert from the Cambria USA suite. My host, Cambria rep Lisa Weck, told us that because their view from the suite is

Energy Efficiency and Lighting

With each remodeling project I do, whether small, medium or large, I evaluate each client's goals and balance that with their budget to present options and make recommendations. Lighting design and selections are very important elements of that design pro

Is your home your happy place?

Spring cleaning? Does your home seem a little drab or outdated? Time to re-fresh and "re-discover your home"! I just sorted through some clothing and the thought of a home improvement project is on my mind. It is also on my client's minds! Last week my fo

Remodeling - Now, Later, or Never....

It is an interesting industry, residential remodeling that is, as we are in a front line business. By that, I mean that we interact daily with our clients who are end users of our service and doing work on one of their most emotional investments, their ho

Tax Savings

31 Mar 2009 | Tags :Economy, remodeling, Taxes, up and coming

April is here!  Spring is here!  This is the season for flowers, birds returning, splashing in puddles (or stomping perhaps, like my 5-yr old boy!) and sunshine.  I say this on March 31st½and it snowed today!   April also brings with it the thought of tax

Radiant Heating 102: Types of Installation

"Wet" floor installation Methods Cables or tubing are embedded within a solid floor, either in a thick concrete foundation slab (commonly used in "slab" ranch houses that don't have basements) or a thin layer of concrete, gypsum, or other material install

Radiant Heating 101

Many of our clients are looking for inexpensive ways to add value to their remodel with an extra, finishing touch.  The focus of this 2 part entry is on radiant floor heating - an add-on that can make a great room even greater! Radiant Heating 101 In gen

Paint & Fine Finishes

24 Feb 2009 | Tags :painting, remodeling, up and coming, Updates

Check out!  This is the new home of Murphy Bros. Paint & Fine Finishes, our own in house paint department.  Anyone looking for painting or prefinishing work can find out more here.  Our paint staff regularly does work for contractor

Remodeling: Is it Worth It?

The $64,000 Question Many or clients are asking us these days: "Is it worth it?" What they mean is; "How much benefit will I truly receive from investing in my home?" And; "How much is too much?". The answer to both questions is "it depends". I'm not bein

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