Is Black Stainless The New White?

Our Latest Lunch & Learn At All Inc. Surprised Us All!

All Inc. Showroom

As part of our continuing education commitment for our design/build staff, along with the never ending quest for a free lunch, the Murphy Bros. team traveled over the river and through the woods to All Inc. in St. Paul to our “all in one” go to appliance resource. Area sales manager Gerry Gargaro provided the lunch and a lot of learn to go with it.

From left: John Murphy, Gerry Gargaro, our staffers Cherie Poissant, Jonah Smith and Jeff Robinson.

“Jill Wolff and her team at All Inc. really know how to take care of our us and especially our clients,” remarked John Murphy, owner, Murphy Bros. between bites of his delicious roast beef sandwich. “And with more than 10,000 sq. feet of fridges, stoves, grilles, hoods, beverage centers, washer/dryers, pizza ovens, and countertop samples, there’s something for every budget,” concludes John.

Jill Wolff demonstrates conductive cooks tops as the rest of the team proves the point about a watched pot never boiling.

Price Match—All Inc. has a price match guarantee, which means you really can’t get a better deal anywhere else, so the value is totally there—price + expertise and guidance.

No Commission—They are consultants, not commissioned sales, so you won’t be sold anything you that isn’t a perfect match.

Black Stainless—Black stainless seems to be the latest trend, but oddly enough, it isn’t always black. We say lots of examples of black stainless in varying degrees of blackness. Some of it is more of a subtle grey, some surfaces just appear to have more depth and be darker, and some are truly black. Why black stainless? There's a cool factor growing as black seems to be taking over as the new "white" in trends, and on the practical side, there is the claim of less maintenance (fewer finger prints) to keep them looking fresh.

Left: Kitchen Aid & Samsung Black Stainless couldn't be more different.

Murphy staffer Nadia Glynn, "So sorry, but this "stainless black" by GE is not black.

We spent a bit of time as a team in the technology room where every appliance has a brain actively engaged in your day to day world—offering nearly unlimited information on everything from the number of eggs left in your fridge to your to your favorite audio mix to bake by. Honestly, millennia’s will love it. Those of us who grew up with TV shows like My Three Sons, well, not so much.

Once we just filled them, now we obey them—Samsung digital fridge

Inspecting the rest of the show floor.

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