BBB Torch Ethics Award Finalist

Murphy Bros. is a finalist for the 2017 Torch Award

"When we were nominated for the 2017 BBB Torch Award I wasn't really sure how we were going to demonstrate our record for something philosophers kick around all the time," recalled John Murphy, owner, Murphy Bros. Design | Build | Remodel. "I mean, I felt confident we had the chops to compete, but how does one go about proving it? And what is it exactly?"

We prove it by matching our principles, values and stories with the six BBB categories that define outstanding performance in leadership, performance, team building and improvement. An example is in order...

About a month ago one of our project managers entered a client's home while they were on vacation to assess progress on an upstairs Master Bath remodel. Running water isn't supposed to be the first thing you hear when entering a home, but that's what our PM Nate Bassinger encountered. The main floor powder room toilet was overflowing and had been doing so for several days.

Powder room after water damage dry out

He immediately turned off the water, assessed the level of damage, went out immediately and rented several air movers and a dehumidifier, emptied the affected areas on the main floor and in the basement underneath, and began drying everything out. Clearly this was not his responsibility, there was no contract for this extra effort, but he knew it had to be done and done quickly before more damage was done to the property.

Basement ceiling showing wet joists

Once things were stabilized, Nate called the homeowners who had to decide if they should cut their vacation short or not. We offered to handle the remaining clean up and meet with their insurance adjuster to settle on realistic repair costs and generally keep things moving so they wouldn't have to come back from vacation early.

"Many people would consider the handling of this situation above and beyond. We actually don't. To us that's just the way you treat people," explains John.

The 6 BBB Torch Categories

      • Personal letter from CEO on their commitment to ethics in business and can include: ethics training, anecdotes of challenges faced and overcome, public/published statements, advertisements, marketing materials regarding ethics, transparency, candor and feedback from vendors & clients.

      • Describe how we use internal and external communication to maintain an ethical culture and practice.
        • Employee orientation
        • How owners personal code of ethics influences organization
        • Tools that model, mentor, promote character ethics in management
        • Guiding vendor relationships
        • Ethical behavior in employees recognized & celebrated

      • Describe how we put into daily practice our mission/vision/values.
        • Include Mission/Vision/Values document
        • Describe how it is shared w/employees and clients
        • Measure adherence to MVV?
        • How do we solicit feedback on MVV?
        • How do we recognize & celebrate when employees behave ethically?
        • Compensation systems to unite employees
        • Examples of training and policies that assist employees in acting ethically

      • How do we implement best practices in management and encourages employees to pursue excellence and advancement in their skills?
        • Annual goals
        • Clear measurements to evaluate progress
        • Accountability in performance
        • Rewards/recognition for character

      • How do our human resources practices prepare, support, and recognize opportunities for growth in competency and ethics.
        • Hiring practices
        • Training & development
        • Organizational disciplines
        • Procedures for resolving ethical issues

      • Describe Murphy Bros. support of industry and community
      • Participation in industry activities
      • Contributions of funds or in-kind services
      • How are our operations, marketing, supervision behaviors assessed against industry standards
      • Proof of achievement with any industry benchmarks for business excellence

The 2017 BBB Torch Awards for Ethics recipients will be announced live at a ceremony on Wednesday, October 25, which will be held in the Hyundai Club at U.S. Bank Stadium. Only five of the 14 finalists can win.

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