A Candid Conversation with Murphy Staff & Clients

The first of 5 videos on the remodeling experience

Shooting day at the Minneapolis Photo Center

In January of 2016 Owner John Murphy and several of his design/build consultants sat down with some of their most recent clients to talk about the realities of remodeling. Two and half hours of video later, nearly every major aspect of remodeling was touch upon—the fears, risks, expectations, creative collaboration, the distinctive nature of design/build verses other methods.

The idea was to present an unvarnished discussion between homeowners and our remodeling professionals to address the genuine realities of what it takes to perform a successful remodel through each of the four phases we call the Murphy Method.

In the weeks to come we will be posting new videos of those discussions until we exhaust the content captured in that candid nearly three hour conversation. We hope to shed light on the mystery and uncertainty that colors much of what people expect when considering a remodeling project.

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