Is your home your happy place?

Spring cleaning? Does your home seem a little drab or outdated? Time to re-fresh and "re-discover your home"! I just sorted through some clothing and the thought of a home improvement project is on my mind. It is also on my client's minds! Last week my focus was on wrapping up variety of projects for two wonderful clients, sprucing up/remodeling two Master Baths, updates in Main Bath, a Powder Room spruce-up, a Master Bedroom closet, some Great Room Entertainment cabinetry and a Kitchen Island. This week I am working on wrapping up a Screen Porch project and completing design on a Minneapolis bathroom in a 1930's home. At another project of mine that is currently in construction, we are installing the kitchen cabinetry. These homeowners decided to do the painting work themselves. I cannot wait to see how the color looks½it will be both warm and inviting (just like Arnie and Lori)!


Painting is typically a part of every project we do and color is a powerful tool to making a space unique. It is a fantastic place to put color and the great thing is that you can change it when you are ready for a new look. Color consulting is a part of what I do. It can be time consuming, but I love it½as it is so rewarding. Sometimes I select the color palatte entirely for a project and other times the homeowner's ask me for suggestions or affirmation of their own choice. I keep on top of the newest color trends (I just received the Sherwin Williams 2009 colormix forecast today!)½but while knowing the trends is helpful, I find color to be a uniquely personal choice. Everyone has colors that make them happy. A shade off in a color can intuitively feel wrong to someone, but they may not understand why. It may be because the color is cool when everything else they liked was warm. It could be because the undertones are more pink than green or more blue than yellow. I take cues from each client through their home furnishings, what they trend towards in looking at pictures and sometimes even their clothing choices (but don't worry before we meet about what you wear!). A project can include or exclude painting½or can even be "just painting". Our painters are Murphy Bros. employees. We have a paint shop at our offices and we also paint cabinetry for quite a number of different companies½and even furniture refinishing. I hope I can help you make your home a welcoming place that makes you feel happy½.and help you discover the path through "Decatur Buff", "Lemon Verbena", "Enticing Red", "Tigereye" or "Aqua-Sphere" .

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