Elly Johnson

Design/Build Consultant

"I love creating homes and spaces that reflect my clients' dreams and needs, through purposeful and creative design. I am dedicated to providing clients with a functional and beautiful home as the foundation to enriches their lives."

Elly Johnson

I think understanding the functionality of the space has to come first. And so, I've worked with many clients who feel like they have to tell me exactly how the space will look at the end. And that's great and fine and we need to understand that eventually. But if behind closed doors, behind your beautiful new white cabinets or sage green cabinets or whatever color it is that you're drawn towards, if behind those doors you don't have the systems in place to store the things you need to store or to use the space, how it needs to be used.

So then we've just bandaid it, right? We've just covered it up and not made your space more functional. We haven't made your space serve you better and I think that's doing a disservice. If so, if we jump right to the colors and the finishes and selections of everything, we've missed a big portion of what good design is founded on and some of those basic principles.

So, we will get there. We always get to that piece, but we want to start with the function.

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Summary of Experience

Elly Johnson brings a wealth of experience to the field, rooted in a personal journey of designing and renovating her own homes. She began designing small projects for friends and family which grew to a wider audience and eventually, her own Design/Build firm. With a discerning eye for great design and professional expertise, Elly integrates aesthetics and functionality, ensuring each project reflects a harmonious balance.  She believes in transparent communication with clients, guiding them through the decision-making process by sharing insights into design principles, industry trends, and the potential benefits to their spaces.

Drawing from her career as an educator, Elly has a deep knowledge and understanding of human development and accessibility. This specialized understanding allows her to create environments that cater to the unique needs of every family, ensuring thoughtful and inclusive design solutions.


  • Kitchen & Bath Design
  • B.A. K-8 Elementary Education, Bethel University
  • B.A. Secondary 6-12 Spanish Education, Bethel University

Hobbies / Interests

Water sports, downhill skiing, travel, nature, family, reading, science, modern architecture & design, chocolate, and Spanish.