Brittani Swedberg

Design Associate

I've got an eye for color and a talent for bringing the client's dream to reality during the all-important design phase. That's where the hard work of decision-making really pays off!

Brittani Swedberg

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Summary of Experience

Brittani has more than an eye for color. She's also great at balancing clients' desires with what actually solves problems in unique ways. Helping homeowners make critical selection decisions is her real "superpower." Having worked in the broader design field for many years gives Brittani the background and experience needed to navigate today's complex design world.

Skills / Education

  • The Interior Design Institute
  • Interior Design Certification: Interior Design
  • Baker College Online: Flint, Ml
  • Associate of Arts: Marketing

Hobbies / Interests

I enjoy spending time with my family and embarrassing my two boys when I get the chance. In my rare free time, I love to work out (lifting is my jam), watch stand-up comedy, dabble in many arts and crafts, macrame, painting, free-hand drawing.