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Pro-Dispatch Service

Murphy Bros. Pro-Dispatch Service was created to give homeowners with smaller projects, requiring a week or less of remodeling work, a more cost-effective solution while still being protected with our standard 2-year labor and materials warranty. It is a time and materials service, delivered by one of our home pros skilled in all general areas of remodeling—from painting, light plumbing and electrical, to general carpentry.


We charge only for the time and materials we use to complete your job. We will do the work as soon as we have an opening that also works for you. You will be notified a day or two before that actual work begins to make sure the timing will still work for you. If for some unexpected reason the timing doesn’t work, we will reschedule for one that will work for us both.


To secure your spot on our schedule we need a $250 dollar credit card deposit, which is the minimum fee for all appointments, and which will be applied to your job once the work begins. This deposit via credit card will be collected when you agree to a time frame for the work to be completed by the Project Manager assigned to your job. In order to receive a refund, cancellations must be made 48 hours or more before the scheduled appointment.


We charge $155 for the first hour of work and $95 for each additional hour, plus any materials we need to purchase or use from our stock supplies to do the work, which are billed at cost plus 25%. As stated before, there is a minimum 2-hour ($250.00) fee for all appointments. However, if your task/project is completed in less than 2 hours, we can perform additional construction related work at your discretion until the remaining 2 hours is used up. While we do not charge for travel to and from your home, the billable time starts when our Home Pro arrives at your home or place of business.

As stated before necessary trips to pick up materials on the way to or from your job-site, or while at your project is billable at the $120 an hour rate. Billable hours also include project management time such researching/selecting parts or materials, scheduling other subcontractors when needed, and conferring with other staff about your project.

Due to the nature of remodeling, it is sometimes difficult to determine the exact cost of a project at the start since not all existing conditions of the home can be known. However, in most cases your Home Pro will present you with a time and materials work order detailing expected labor and materials costs as soon as that can be determined—usually within that first hour of being at your home.

To set up your Pro-Dispatch Service just call 763-780-3262 today or fill out our contact form.

Enjoy peace of mind knowing a professional remodeler who passed security checks and skills testing and has a minimum of 10 years of remodeling experience will perform the job. Unlike the general handyman who may be good at one thing but only semi-professional at others, our Pro-Dispatch team is accomplished at every task we accept, and we warranty our work.

Pro-Dispatch Professional Service covers small jobs like:

  • Paint or trim a room
  • Repair drywall
  • Spray a ceiling
  • Investigate rot problems
  • Fix a leaky roof
  • Caulk windows and doors
  • Refinish a wood deck
  • Hang a door
  • Fix a light switch
  • Fix a leaky faucet AND MUCH MORE...

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