Screen Porch on Steroids in Mahtomedi

A New Approach To Screen Porches

Project Summary 

Steroids? Perhaps that's a bit over the top, but we wanted to frame this project from the outset as a definite step up to the next level.

These Mahtomedi homeowners wanted a larger more protected space to grill, entertain and enjoy their spectacular view of woods and lake without worrying about the weather. Nothing worse than trying to remember, as thunder peels overhead, if you left your laptop or library book out on the porch or deck while stuck in heavy traffic. Well, except if you were in a convertible. That would definitely be worse.

During our initial discovery meeting we also learned they were tired of the constant maintenance their existing cedar deck required. The head of our paint and fine finishing department, is often overheard lamenting how homeowners have no idea how much maintenance is actually required to care for wood decks. So, these folks apparently did know, and had their fill of it.

We discussed a traditional heated, glassed-in and insulated 3 & 4-season porch, but they felt that was a bit more than they needed or wanted. Our solution? Screen porch 2.0. — a new approach. The plan: expand the footprint of the existing deck, replacing it with Timbertech® low-maintenance decking, creating an additional 12 x 6 foot enclosed porch with an uncovered 6 x 9 foot deck space for grilling. After much research and evaluation we selected the Eze-Breeze®enclosure system—a customizable, panelized enclosure system that has the look of a 4-season with the protection of a 3-season porch, but for far less than a 3 or 4-season price tag. Bingo! Screen porch to the next level.

Caption3-season Eze-Breeze® porch and deck—a sophisticated look with greater functionality.


Dark, dingy, weathered, cramped. What's not to like?

Layout showing existing structure & proposed porch addition
3-D layout concepts provided to homeowners during the design process.


The rugged vinyl glazing has the transparency of glass without the cost or weight. The window vents are actually made of a memory film instead of glass, allowing for clear views, safety, larger sizes, and less weight. If accidentally pushed or distorted, it will return to its original shape within minutes. It's a product with a memory. Eze-Breeze® enclosure products are constructed with durable aluminum frames that hold screen and vinyl glazed panels in place.

Eze-Breeze® has four sliding vents that nest up or down over the attached screen. When completely open you have 75% screen. Remove the vents and you have 100% screen. Closed you have 100% protection from wind, pollen, and weather.

The panels can be raised or lowered into a wide variety of positions allowing just the right amount of airflow and unobstructed view.
Powder coated aluminum rail system, offers clean lines, safety and low maintenance durability.
Note 59" wide center panels lowered for unobstructed view of woods. No levers involved in repositioning panels, just push up or down.

Featured Materials


  • Western Red Cedar


  • Timbertech Terrain Brown Oak


  • Richlin Patio Door


  • Interior Stain — Sikkens Cetrol SRD 072 Butternut

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