Bathroom Transformation In Light

A Lakeville Master Bath Remodel of Two Opposites

Project Summary 

Having recently purchased this home, the owners made it clear they needed the master bath done before they moved in. What's wrong with this bathroom? Looks can be deceiving. While the "before" pictures seem to show a perfectly acceptable master bath, the clients felt it neither reflected their functional needs, their waking routines, schedules nor their aesthetic tastes.

Recalls Murphy Bros. designer Theresa Mann, he rose early, while she rose later. He was a shower taker and she was a tub soaker. Her desire was for privacy, while his need was for a wide-open, zero clearance shower with plenty of light. You really couldn't have two more opposite goals in one shared space," said Mann.


BEFORE: Framed in dated, dark hickory, the Jacuzzi tube was also small and hard to get in and out of. In the mirror you can see two doors, one that let to the commode, the other to the master bedroom.
BEFORE: Shower entry was narrow, dark and confining. The opposite of what he wanted to experience every morning.


We relocated the entry point from the master suite to the hallway, providing early morning access to the bath without disturbing the later rising spouse. A new Marvin double-hung window added considerable light to the space fulfilling one of their key design requirements.

"As a company that prides itself on intelligent design, this particular project really shows how much thought and individual lifestyle considerations go into every remodel, regardless of how simple it may appear at the onset," explains Mann. "We spent an entire morning working on the tub faucet location for ease of use when she's in the tub, access for cleaning, and aesthetics," explains Mann.

View of newly remodeled bath from new entrance in the hallway. No jets to clean in a soaker tub like there is in a Jacuzzi. Cleaning jets is for airports, not homeowners.
New zero clearance (threshold) shower meets universal design standards and captures the "openness" the client was looking for. It's also super easy to clean.
This project called for a meticulous tile set. Murphy Bros. has for years enjoyed the specialized services of some of the best tile setters in the Twin Cities.
This is a prime example of thoughtful craftsmanship which is our standard.
The new custom vanity was important to provide more storage for the couple.

Featured Materials


  • Custom Vanity — Flat panel shaker style with inside bead


  • Vicostone – Misterio


  • custom blend by Murphy Bros. Paint Div. to match trim color


  • Floor Tile — Ragno Bistrot – Porcelain – Satin Hexagon Field – Pietrasant
  • Wall Tile  Wavy White Ice Matte
  • Grout  Tech Bright white

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