Aging in Place in Style — A Shoreview Remodel

More and more seniors are remodeling bathrooms for safety and efficiency that serves their unique physical needs. It is called aging in place and this remodel features just such a design.

Aging in place master bath remodel serves seniors in shoreview

Project Summary 

"Aging-in-Place in Style" is the story of a senior couple nearing retirement and wanting to remodel their main bathroom for aesthetics, functionality, and safety.

Like most homeowners who remodel, figuring out the budget is a big challenge that requires fully transparent collaboration among all parties.  It also takes patience, thoughtfulness, and, well, as they put it "A pretty good sense of humor."

This particular remodel came with an even bigger challenge—a large built-in Jacuzzi-type tub positioned in a square space, which is notoriously difficult to design around.  We had one of our top designers on it, however, and he came through in style, creating a very efficient, bright universal design to accommodate these homeowners now and far into the future.


This short video unpacks the problems solved and design decisions made to create a remodel that literally improves the lives of the homeowners.

AFTER: Custom vanity with full-length mirror and dual sink.
AFTER: Custom vanity Shaker style, painted "Cotton" – Satin Sheen; Mirror: 48"w x 42"h. Shaker-style wood frame, Sink: Kohler Caxton; Faucet: Delta Cspout; Countertops: Vicostone. 3 cm.


Before remodeling: built-in Jacuzzi.
BEFORE: A fit ball in a jacuzzi tub is a sign of inadequate storage.
BEFORE: Boys' bath vanity and shower.
BEFORE: Now that's what we call a tiny shower.  Don't suppose that roll of TP ever got wet?
EFORE: Master bath vanity with one sink.
BEFORE: Honey oak vanity and faux marble countertop were part of the dated look they wanted to address.
EFORE: Master bath vanity with one sink.
BEFORE: Square spaces leave a lot of wasted space.
BEFORE: The master bath shower
BEFORE: More storage problems to solve.  This doesn't look like your bathroom does it?
BEFORE: The master bath shower
BEFORE: It's an ambitious library.
Before and after floor plan comparison.
This proposed floor plan indicates the level of planning and detail in the structural work.
Proposed color layout.


AFTER: Corner cabinet floor-to-ceiling storage
AFTER: Flooring: 18"x18" Adura Flex.
AFTER: Vanity, mirrors, floating shelving and free-standing tub.
AFTER: LEFT—Walls painted "Grey Heron" – Satin Sheen; Shower door: 30" x 84" x 3/8" Niagara Texture.
AFTER: Master bath shower (Rhythm Hex Pattern White) and free-standing tub.
AFTER: Shower system: Delta Universal Multi Function; Shower walls and base (pebble texture): Onyx.
AFTER: Master bath shower bench seat in Vicostone Crystal Ice.
AFTER: LEFT—Luxury Vinyl flooring trending as the warmer solution for unheated traditional cold ceramic tile floors.

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