Multi-faceted makeover in Edina

A kitchen, living room, entryway, garage/office/bedroom addition

The list was long. Very long. And the level of remodeling they needed was a far too demanding for these very capable DIYers to handle on their own. That’s not surprising since they wanted to remodel their kitchen, living room, entryway, and add a garage/office/bedroom addition off the side of their home.

Design/Build Consultant — Courtney Cartee

Project Manager — Jamie Rosenlund

Lead Carpenter — Ivan Sass

Field Painters — Charley McCloskey, Rick Dame

Photography — Alyssa Lee

BEFORE REMODEL— front elevation showing narrow entryway and living room over garage with older slider windows.

AFTER: New entryway, roof, matched siding, new casement windows and addition over second garage stall.

BEFORE REMODEL— From left: existing entryway and fireplace that needed attention; living room windows mark where the addition over the garage created a new office/bedroom. Additional transome windows were added in the new space along with frosted glass french doors to maintain maximum light.

“I think what was really driving this remodel was the shared desire to liberate this home from its 60’s style (dark paneling) and confined layout,” recalls Murphy Bros. designer Courtney Cartee. “They needed more space everywhere, from the kitchen to the adjoining entryway and living room. In short they really needed a whole new look and layout.”

So we suggested a three part solution. A completely new kitchen which required the removal of a giant stone fireplace that was causing all kinds of space issues in both living room, entry and kitchen.

Note: New entryway seen through picture window reveals careful design attention to match existing home roofline and extension. Adoni Black Slate floor tile at stair threshold.

Hickory flooring creates a stunning impact throughout the main floor.

BEFORE REMODEL— The kitchen was a mix of different styles and color themes, completely eclectic and somewhat chaotic.

You've probably never seen this before. It's an Azure Quartzite slab from Brazil. The burgundy (Sommelier) wall color was chosen to match the quartz countertop.

Removing the fireplace allowed for additional cabinetry and storage not to mention freedom of movement.

The second part of the design involved an addition to the side of the property, which added another garage stall and an office/bedroom above.

“I can remember going in front of the city hall officials to get approval for the variance to add on the garage addition,” remembers Cartee. “They were very impressed with how our design integrated the addition with the existing exterior of the home. They remarked that so many remodels in their city now are just tear downs instead of taking the time and imagination to work with what’s already there.”

The third aspect of the design had to do with the entry and upgrading the exterior of the home. The entry is now wider and the whole house was painted to achieve much better curb appeal, which can have a big impact on first impressions for resale and simple pride.

“Before they had just enough room for barely two people in their kitchen. I mean it was really tight. Once we got that fireplace out, that opened up everything. Now they can have the whole family in that space and still be able to move around and entertain,” says Cartee.

                  • Countertops: Azure Quartzite 3CM quartzite slab from Brazil
                  • Office Doors: Simpson Door Company
                  • Cabinets: Fieldstone Cabinetry
                  • Flooring: Prefinished Hickory
                  • Paint: living room (SW 7640 Fawn Brindle)
                  • Paint: Kitchen (SW 7036 Accessible Beige)
                  • Paint: Accent over stove (SW 7595 Sommelier)
                  • Exterior Paint: (SW custom matched to existing)

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