Beautiful kitchen happy wife.

She gets a new kitchen, he gets a new laundry?

When these homeowners moved from a newer home to an older home they knew some changes were needed. The problem was would it be the kitchen, the bathrooms, or the laundry? The list was long and everything seemed important. How did it turn out? Well, we chose it for our 2020 Fall Remodelers Showcase entry (October 2-4) so that should give you a hint.

Design/Build Consultant — Theresa Mann

Project Manager — Jamie Rosenlund

Lead Carpenter — Ivan Sass

Field Painters — Rick Dame

Photography — Alyssa Lee

Finished remodel takes center stage for essential transformation.

“After a lot of deliberation she focused on the kitchen, while her husband targeted the laundry,” explained Murphy Bros. design/build consultant Theresa Mann. “It just so happens he works for Hirshfields and liked to tinker with projects. Having a place to wash up helped keep the mess from going any further into the home,” explains Mann, who always likes to point out every remodel is truly unique.

Before remodeling shows traditional honey oak kitchen and the once oh so popular kitchen desk. What kid or adult wants to see a desk in the kitchen after a long day of sitting at a desk in the class room or office? Seriously!

“It wasn’t just that she really disliked the kitchen cabinets and wanted more of a painted antique appeal.” Mann explains. “That certain look was important, but it was much more than that. She also wanted, needed more space for a new grandchild and their growing family, serving multiple age levels with more storage space and greater functionality for entertaining.”

The homeowner and designer Mann developed an open kitchen concept plan, with attention to new flooring and a fireplace update.

AFTER—New more functional kitchen island and laundry at garage entry point.

“We went with a very durable engineered hickory flooring to compliment the oak trim,” explains Mann. “She was concerned about their dog’s nails and the potential for lots of scratches and she didn’t want the gaps common in some LVT applications that can trap dirt.”

Cost was a bit of a concern, so instead of custom cabinets, we when with a semi-custom line which allowed her to have a larger, more functional island. Overall the opening up the kitchen literally tripled their storage space.

AFTER–Note how useless desk is transformed into useful storage space.

“I really love the recessed magnetic chalkboard idea that we developed,” says Mann. “It was kind of a wasted wall space with nothing going on there. Now it presents a coffee shop charm while adding an unexpected capability to the kitchen.”

FINISHED REMODEL—kitchen and island, granite countertops.

The kitchen was also under illuminated, so we added 6 new recessed cans and two decorative pendants. Outlet & USB charger placements was also important. It's the little things that really set off an average remodel from a great one.

New fireplace surround with Granite-Opalesene hearth top.

"It was only later in the design phase that it became clear that the fireplace was a weak link, so we added a new fireplace surround uplift with a mantel treatment. It really pulled the whole space together," says Mann.

She wanted happiness in how it looks even more than how it works—and she got both. Beautiful kitchen happy wife. Happy husband too.

                  • Fireplace — 6x24 Rock Ledger - Marble (CTW) SLA 6x24 LEDG ROC
                  • Hearth top & inset space — Granite-Opalesene (1/4" Bevel)
                  • Refrigerator — Café™ Energy Star® 22.2 Cu. Ft. Counter-Depth French-Door with Hot Water Dispense
                  • Café™ 36" Built-In Gas Cooktop
                  • Café™ Professional Series 30" Built-In Double Electric Convection Wall Oven
                  • Bosch 24" Custom Panel Dishwasher
                  • 300 Series DLX – Custom Panel SHV863WD3N
                  • GE Profile™ Series 1.1 Cu. Ft. Countertop Microwave Oven
                  • Lighting — 3604-S PW-BLK - Duncan 9" pendant
                  • Countertops — Granite - Giallo Artie Gold
                  • Backsplash: — Tile Backsplash
                  • Tile — Med Weave Morning 12x24 (CTW)
                  • Flooring: New pre-finished engineered hardwood flooring 5" Mountain View Hickory Random -Autumn (MVR06AT1)
                  • Laundry Room: Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT): Gravity 2137-1
                  • Cabinets—Mid Continent (Paint/ stain combo)

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