This is what doing it right looks like

Controlling the Elephant in the Room—Dust!


Published on 20 Dec 2016

At Murphy Bros. we are constantly on the lookout for ways to improve your remodeling experience and the outcomes we deliver. And while most of those improvements can still lead to big impacts, they are relatively small and incremental in nature, so we often forget to share them with our clients past and present.

So, we’re going to begin sharing those when they occur. And we’re going to put them all under the heading “This is What Doing it Right Looks Like”. To that end, here’s one of our latest “Doing it Right” improvements.

Cleaner Air for All

Dust. It’s such a small word, yet it can have a very big impact on your remodeling experience. After all, since most homeowners live in the home while the work is being done, cleanliness is a daily concern. So, for jobs with uniquely demanding dust control challenges, such as extensive demolitions, Murphy Bros. has added a new device to our dust control methods—the compact and portable BuildClean™ Dust Control system.

This highly specialized Hepa filter system pulls in 90% of airborne dust keeping it from settling where it shouldn’t—and from lingering in your home long after the work is complete. It can also protect sensitive electronics such as computers and TV’s, not to mention improve the overall air quality of the home for your family and pets.

It isn’t needed on every job, but it’s nice to know we’ve got this capability should the need arise.

But Wait There's More!

Also this week, our paint department added the newest dust extractor from FESTOOLS!

This portable, quiet (67 dB(A)) and compact, HEPA Certified, tool-triggered high-performance dust extractor captures even the finest particles before they reach the air. This has a big impact on fine finishes in the home where dust particles can live in the air for days and, as you probably guessed, can come to rest marring surfaces that have just been painted or stained.

Hepa filter shown