New Designs from Cambria!

Our friends at Cambria have done it again!


Published on 29 Jul 2020

14 more designs to choose from!

As designers we can’t have enough choices, so this is good news for us. However, we understand homeowners are easily overwhelmed in the selection process be it surfaces, hardware, or illumination—like one more row of cereal boxes on the grocery isle, albeit in this case, a cleverly branded, yummy looking set.

So, the question is what now? Well we asked some of our design/build consultants to offer some hot takes on this new set of offerings to help you answer that question...

These new designs give us more choices...

"My first take on these is I see more neutral shades with subtle accents in texture and I like that. I usually advise my clients to stay timeless in their more permanent selections such as countertops and cabinets. These new designs give us more choices in subtlety while allowing homeowners and designers like me to get even more creative with accents, whether it be a paint color, like indigo blue, or a cabinet color or even a backsplash tile. After all, you’re spending the bulk of your remodeling dollars on the counter tops and cabinets that you want to last for a long time. That makes for a smart investment. Wall paint is the cheapest artwork you can buy in comparison and easy to change out when you get tired of it all."

The grey tones are especially exciting...

"The reason I’m excited about these colors is the cooler tones because they open up new color palette options. I think all of the colors are an improvement on what they’ve done in the past and I really like the more realistic patterns. The grey tones are especially exciting because they are more of a true grey and less of a grey brown. This is great because a lot of my clients are trying to incorporate grey in their design, but we have been limited by the options available. That has a big impact on our design because the countertop selection affects the backsplash tile selection, the wall color & the cabinet color."

It makes me feel like a kid with the biggest box of crayons!

"Cambria does a fantastic job of always coming out with new looks and colors. I appreciate having more tools to create beautiful spaces for my clients. It makes me feel like a kid with the biggest box of (unique and amazing) crayons! Most of us are spending more time in our homes and we want a space makes us feel happy. I would say that people are more sensitive to color and patterns than they often realize. I like to create spaces with less visual clutter, drawing the eye with purpose to areas of interest and character. Cambria’s newest offerings have some muted tones with coordination of the overall palette in mind. Calming colors/patterns can be a great foundation to build upon. Ultimately, the plethora of colors and patterns Cambria offers enables me to create a beautiful backdrop for my client’s lives."


Overall, I like these for their subtlety and tone.

"Cambria has always led the way with exceptional surfaces and these are no exceptions to that rule. I think for Murphy Bros. our design/build consultants are greeting these new designs like kids in a candy store of fine chocolates. I guess being Minnesotans most people will feel obligated to look at the Minnesota Snow design first. Overall, I like these for their subtlety and tone. Should make for some interesting projects throughout 2020."

Cambria and Murphy Bros. have been great trade partners over the last decades and we look forward to the next round of new designs presumably in the Spring of 2021. We do however want to share a strong desire not to see "Minneapolis/St. Paul Pot Hole" as one of those designs.