Five 100% satisfied clients in a row—Again!

This designation from GuildQuality is about exceptional service repeated 5 times in a row.


Published on 02 Jan 2024

Imagine if all your report cards from school got printed in the local paper, sent to your friends and relatives, and posted online for all to see. That’s what we do with our GuildQuality survey results. Why would we do that?

Whom do you trust with your remodel?

The Big Question

How exactly do you know when to trust a remodeling company with your hard-earned money and your dreams?

You’d probably start by looking for referrals from friends and family, but beyond that where do you look and what do you look for?

Google?  Probably not.  Most reviews there are frugal on the details and usually attract the nasty side of folks rather than honest evaluation. First-person shooter programs outsell thoughtful research papers by a wide margin.

25 years ago we chose to get serious about client satisfaction.  Really serious. We partnered with GuildQuality research to do our multi-question surveys because it would reveal a homeowner’s honest opinion of their experience remodeling with us

Is 95% satisfaction possible?

Are We Crazy?

The survey is custom and reflects what a company wants to know about their best and worst moments with clients.  It’s forever and public and shared with everyone in the company.  It’s also random and resets back to zero with any survey less than 100% satisfaction—like having one strike in baseball. 

Our annual goal has been 95% percent satisfaction.  We’ve come close a couple of times, 94% last time, but never quite hit that goal. That’s the pressure we chose to put ourselves under every day.  So, are we crazy?  About satisfaction—yes.  

It also means the level of satisfaction with us is not only quite often at its zenith, but it is being repeated over and over again. And that's really big in the world of custom remodeling where very little is predictable.

While almost every company in the retail world offers the public multiple opportunities to weigh in on satisfaction, few ever confirm the review as accurate or legitimate. With GuildQuality we get both objectively. 

Most of the time the news is good, but sometimes it isn’t. And, sometimes, it’s extraordinary—like 5 in a row, 5-star reviews.  And as of today, only four more to hit 10 in a row!