Color Trends for 2021 Released

Benjamin Moore's Color of the Year 2021


Published on 20 Oct 2020

And it's not Grey! Yippi!

Every year a handful of elite New York influencers get together around a magnum of Champaign and select the next “color of the year”, or so we’re told, which we image probably goes something like this…

“Margo, my dear, what do you think of this shade here I’m calling progressive puce as the color of the year?”

“Delightfully impudent and suggestive of the Rhine in Winter, Nigel. But, I’m much more in favor of something more pedantic, like this Nuevo-Grey I’m calling complicated cement or this one I call Jurisprudence Alamode.”

However, this year, with lock-down insanity via zoom, it could have happened with those little airline bottles of rum, clinking the side of their laptops, followed by a half-garbled “Aegean or Algae, Cynthia?”

“Aegean, Bill, but lets add Teal just so they know it’s kind of blueish greenish.”

We make fun, a little, because we don’t get to pick or name the colors, nor have any better reasons why we should, but however we got it, the new color isn’t another grey and that’s something to be grateful for.

So, we give you the new Benjamin Moore color for 2021— Aegean Teal.

Not bad, as we say in Minnesota. And, there are 11 other new colors in the pallet, which is described as “a soft, blue-green midtone was rooted in the elegant, handspun textures of the home, and chosen to chosen to evoke a sense of comfort, craft, nourishment, and inspiration.”

We were going to do our own video on this new color for 2021, but Benjamin Moore folks already put this one together, so we’re going to go with that…

All 12 colors in the new BM pallet for 2021

“A change in wall or accent colors can literally change a room, relieve stress, and change your mood for the better,” says Murphy Bros. Paint & Fine Finishes Manager Dan Flaherty. It is the least costly of remodeling tactics and in today’s world of stay at home life, its also closer to essential.”