Anotomy of an Office Fire

On May 23, 2019 a rag sponaneously combusted burning down our office in Blaine.


Published on 30 May 2019

Since our office fire in May of 2019, many have asked how it started. I'd like to share with you the origins of this disaster in hopes that you will learn from our misfortune and never experience something like this in your own life. So we put together this short video with time-elapsed footage showing the cause of the fire.

Condensed video actual timeline: 5:50 pm - building locked. 1:58 am- Visible smoke … 2:04 flame starts. 2:45– rack starts 2:58 - video ends.

Download Safety tip sheet on approved rag disposal methods from the National Fire Protection Association.

Recovery Update

Currently our Paint and Fine Finishing operation is being run out of the Shaw Stewart Lumber building which was used many years ago to finish trim and doors. Through their generosity we have continued operation out of that location and will do so until our new building is finished at the old location in Blaine, sometime in 2020.

"Overall, I am gratified that our staff has pulled together and kept and impact on our current clients to a minimum. You really find out what people are made of in a disaster like this," said owner, John Murphy. "They have gone above and beyond the call. That's our company DNA and that ethic doesn't change regardless of the circumstances."

The hope is that construction will begin this fall with completion somewhere in the late spring or summer of 2020. Expect to see temporary office trailers on site this fall. "It would be poetic if we could move in on the date of the fire, May 23rd, which was the date the year before we celebrated our 35th year in business," said Murphy.

Special Thanks to Our Trade Partners

During the first days and weeks of this disaster we encountered many offers of help from so many trade partners. While we could not begin to utilize all the aid offered, we were able to act on several specific key offers of help.

Some of that comfort-aid came in the form of timely lunches, some in shared office space and conference room use, others gave us replacement of display racks and samples at no cost. Hirshfields supplied two 500 gallon water tanks for clean up and also printed dozens of invoices weekly for us—oh and donuts!

We would like to honor and thank: