Another 5-Star Badge of Remodeling Honor

So What's The Big Deal?


Published on 02 Dec 2016

Why should repeated five consecutive 5-star reviews matter to you?

While almost every company in the retail world offers the public multiple opportunities to weigh in on satisfaction, few ever confirm the review as accurate or legitimate. With GuildQuality we get both objectively. Most of the time the news is good, but sometimes it isn’t. And, sometimes, it’s extraordinary—like a 5-star review.


What is that exactly? That's when you get a 100% satisfaction rating from five clients, in a row. And to do it three years in a row, is, well not just gratifying to us. It's also a big risk reducer to you.

Lead Carpenter Mark Arntzen & North Metro Project Manager Drew Johnston

Furthermore, it means the level of satisfaction with us is not only quite often at it’s zenith, but it is being repeated over and over again. And that's really big in the world of custom remodeling where very little is predictable and anything—machines, materials, people, weather—can and often does go wrong and must then quickly be put right. It means a predictable, repeatable high quality of satisfaction for our clients.

So, while not many in the construction field ever qualify for a 5 star consecutive badge, you can take comfort in knowing we’re not satisfied with that. GuildQuality also has a 10, 20, & 50-star level—which no one has ever won and probably never will. But that won't keep us from trying for it. Just recently we missed the 10-star consecutive reviews by 2 reviews that were just under the 5-star rating.

And so we start again from zero working toward that unbroken series of 5-star satisfied clients. That's what gets us up in the morning.