Why Design Build?

Faster, Lower Risk, Less Cost, Higher Value

Advantages of Our Design/Build Approach

Murphy Bros. is a local pioneer in the Design/Build approach to building and remodeling in the Twin Cities and has refined this process over the last 40 years into what is known today as the Murphy Method.

As the master builder for your project, we take on complete management responsibility and risk for both design and construction all detailed within a single comprehensive agreement.

Design–build projects are delivered 33.5% faster than projects that are designed and built under separate contracts (design-bid-build) and have a unit cost that is 6.1% lower than design-bid-build projects.
—Pennsylvania State University

The benefit to you is a remodeling experience with less drama, superior budget and schedule control, faster completion, and consistently higher quality of craftsmanship.

The master builders of ancient times had it right. They knew instinctively that those who designed a masterpiece should also build it—the paintbrush should be in the hands of the artist.

What makes your Murphy Bros. design/build consultant different than others? Our design/build consultants offer additional deep dive guidance that other so-called design/build remodelers don’t or can’t often provide. Let’s face it; the choices facing homeowners in even a relatively simple remodel can be daunting. Sure, there are thousands of paint color combinations to consider, not to mention custom cabinet finishes, bathroom fixtures, lighting options and various grades of granite to select. And those are important.

Anyone with CAD software can spit out a floor plan. But at Murphy Bros. it’s the degree of thoughtfulness behind that plan that makes all the difference.
—John Murphy

However, the real value of a seasoned design/build team is in the knowledge that lies behind the advice on colors and styles: understanding such things as the integration of form and function into a design, material durability, maintenance, best practices of application, budget restrictions, as well as resale value to consider.

Furthermore, with our design/build professional consultants and project managers, all of who are our employees, you will have your team at every step to guide you through all 4 phases of the Murphy MethodDiscovery, Design, Delivery & Dedication, advising along the way as much or as little as needed according to your comfort level and project complexity.

Kitchen Design & Remodeling Minneapolis Kitchen Remodeling & Design

Kitchen Design & Remodeling

A kitchen remodel should enhance your lifestyle, express your personality and elevate your home’s value and appeal. Our award-winning design-build team will collaborate to achieve custom solutions that fit your family, budget, and home.

Bathroom Remodeling Bathroom Remodeling  & Design Minneapolis & St. Paul MN

Bathroom Remodeling

Whether you need a peaceful retreat for “me” time or the ultimate in efficiency for a busy working couple, we can transform your space so you begin and end each day in both comfort and style.

Custom New Homes Minneapolis Custom Home & Design

Custom New Homes

Imagine a floor plan that wraps around your real life, architecture that reflects your sense of class, and special features that make the space uniquely yours.

Additions Minneapolis Addition Remodeling & Design


Additions must blend with the home’s exterior architecture and surfaces and enhance the existing living space.

Exteriors Minneapolis Exterior Remodeling & Design


Like cosmetic surgery, an exterior facelift can make any home look young and vibrant again.



We think of basements as potential goldmines, not second-class space.

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