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Whether it’s just your walls, or all your surfaces—ceiling, cabinets, walls, trim, even furniture—you can breathe life and beauty back into your home for a fraction of a typical bath or kitchen remodel.

As a dedicated division of Murphy Bros. Design | Build | Remodel, we have routinely served as the primary finisher for our own design/build remodeling clients. However, we always reserve some time to work directly with independent homeowners on their projects too. Is that you?

If you would like the rare opportunity to consult with our master painters about a project you are considering, please give us a call at 763-780-3262 or via this special contact form.

Did you know changes in time of day and angle the of the sun, even your age and gender, can also affect the perceived color of any surface. It's called "Metamerism." Read more about it here....

Murphy Bros Painting & Fine Finishes in Minneapolis, MN

Subtle changes in color can have a dramatic impact on the aesthetic of any space, but especially an entrance.

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