Minneapolis Bungalow Kitchen Remodel

Making the most of a small space

Entering the kitchen from the rear was made difficult by an angled wall. The pantry was tucked away in an opposite corner, rendering it nearly useless. A large soffit using old electrical wiring made the kitchen feel off center. A new design was required to make this kitchen work.


The old pantry was walled off to make room for an entire wall quarter sawn oak cabinetry, stained a rich chestnut to match the woodwork in the rest of the home. Black granite countertops add a classy appeal. The old vinyl was removed and new 1-1/4" white oak flooring was toothed in blend with the original flooring in the rest of the home. Increased storage, more efficient workable areas, updated and immaculately match materials contributed to this new space that fits perfectly with the time period of the home.


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