Main Floor Makeover in Farmington

No more cramped kitchen and honey oak!

After weighing the pros and cons of moving, which included the cost of a move, proximity to schools and shopping, and the overwhelming presence of honey oak woodwork, this Farmington couple finally came to the conclusion that staying put with significant improvements to the main floor, was the best approach for them.

The first priority was restructuring and enlarging the kitchen and of course getting rid of the honey oak cabinetry. In fact, a large aspect of this remodel had to deal with a whole new color pallet for the main floor. This involved several discussions with our paint and fine finishing experts as well as our design/build lead consultant on the project.

The main floor living and dining spaces were separated by a wall, which kept both spaces small marginally functional and difficult to decorate. The solution was to remove the wall, opening up the dining room to the living room creating more usable space for traffic flow and visual appeal.

The powder room as updated as was the main entry flooring. However, that darn honey oak was still visible on the fireplace mantel, doors, base, window trim and staircase and had to be dealt with. The solution was to use an aggressive primer and Hirshfield's waterborne acrylic enamel paint. The oak grain still shows but the color transformation is amazing. We also shaded the fireplace mantel to darken it and remove the last vestige of honey oak from the room.

Design/Build Consultant — Courtney Walker

Photography — Alyssa Lee

Semi-custom cabinets and enamel glaze completes this dramatic transformation

Honey oak cabinets and tile flooring is typical of homes built in the 80's & 90's

Cambria Sheffield countertop surface featured

                  • Kitchen cabinets—Chelsea raised panel, paint grade maple
                  • Kitchen countertops—Cambria Sheffield (3cm)
                  • Kitchen tile back splash—Ran Mos White Polish, Olypus/Wooden
                  • Dining room lighting—Hendrik Chandelier 3Lt.
                  • Kitchen lighting—Kincaid 2-Light, Indoor Flush Mount
                  • Trim color—HF 0025 Prismatic Pearl
                  • Wall color—HF 0548 Jet Gray
                  • Cabinet color—Murphy Display White w/coffee glaze (25% formula)

Existing main floor plan denoting wall removal

Proposed plan with changes

3-D modeling showing wall between dining room and living room removed

Living room space off the kitchen with pastel green walls. Note wall on left which needed to go.

Featured: Engineered Aged Harmony flooring, matching pillars, shaded mantel

Honey oak gone! Notice oak grain still showing through.

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