Bold Blue with Guinness on Tap in Prior Lake

Adding color, a larger island, and a few new cabinets with a Keg!

This couple loved everything about the Prior Lake home they recently purchased, the size, view, amenities, but not the way the kitchen looked or worked. Who knew a bold color and a keg of Guinness would fix everything.

“They had a catch-all desk area in the kitchen that added clutter not usefulness and a very traditional white glazed cabinetry that didn’t fit their style,” recalls Murphy Bros. design/build consultant Courtney Cartee.

“The island was an issue as well. So I designed a new larger “T” shaped island with Vicostone countertops to better utilize a lot of wasted space. This will serve as a more generous gathering point for their family of four,” explains Cartee.

Design/Build Consultant — Courtney Cartee

Photography — Alyssa Lee

Matching pattern in the Vicostone island countertop and perimeter backsplash.

You may have noticed that the color of the cabinets on this page seem to shift as they get closer to the natural light. What's wrong? Now compare the cabinets in this photo with the ones later in this project page and you'll see still more shift in color and depth. Holy color shift batman! Is this the work of the Mad Painter? No, colorimetry reveals this is the same paint color, but the angle to the light and distance from the light, viewer gender and age can alter how that color is seen. The culprit here is none other than a not so sinister natural condition called metamerism. And, unless you understand this phenomenon, you can find yourself chasing the winds of color until you are literally blue in the face and out of breath!

Our recent blog on metamerism explains it all and you are encouraged to use this resource to save yourself a lot of time, money and headaches.

Note: Narrow center island and wide unused space between dining table and island.

Before remodel— Narrow island with limited space for laptops and lunch.

Note: Center island expansion creating dinning/gathering/work area.

Before remodel— kitchen office area with unused desk. Drawers and surface were a point of clutter. No way to fit a keg in this configuration.

“These homeowners wanted a new bold look, so our Paint & Fine Finishing team refinished the existing cabinets on two walls a striking blue to match a new set of custom cabinets to replace the clutter desk set. We then added a complimentary range hood and matching Vicostone backsplash to complete the really stunning aesthetics,” said Cartee.

Every now and then a client really surprises us with a request. In this case, it was to add a beer keg dispenser of Guinness along with a beverage center, glassware and coffee bar. “We’ve seen a lot of coffee bars, and beverage centers, but this is my first keg,” remarked Cartee. “But it fit their style perfectly.”

New cabinets surrounding refrigerator with beverage center, coffee bar and keg tap. Note how doors recede straight back for maximum open area.

Note the side panel cabinet doors used for storing papers and magazines and keeping the kids schedules straight.

Existing uppers without exhaust hood.

Perimeter cabinets painted to match new cabinets. Note range exhaust hood in complimentary color and pattern match from countertop to backsplash.

Perimeter cabinets open to sow storage options.

                  • Cabinets — Custom raised paint grade maple
                  • Cabinet paint color — Benjamin Moore “blue note” 2129-3
                  • CountertopsVicostone: Arabescato (3cm) 3/8" Bevel Edge
                  • Backspash — Vicostone: Arabescato (3cm) 3/8" Bevel Edge

These 3-D and layout examples show the detail we provide to our clients in the design process—one of the reasons why design takes 6-12 weeks or longer on larger remodels.

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