Your initial, free consultation with Murphy Bros. experts

In this short video we cover what you can expect in this initial meeting through the eyes our recent clients and staff.  In most cases we can share with you a project cost range so you can determine if this falls within your comfort zone.


Your remodeling experience begins with an indepth, no cost, no obligation consultation.

During Discovery we take time to explore your vision and dreams to understand the special needs of you and your family. It is important that all parties involved in the remodel project be present at this meeting to ensure a common understanding of expectations and outcomes.  Be prepared for a lot of questions about what you like and don't like, your lifestyle and aspirations for your home into the future.



We are often asked if we give free quotes.  The short answer is no.  But that's not because we don't want to share realistic costs with you.  We do and in fact insist on you knowing and not guessing what your remodel will cost.  We do not "give free quotes" at that initial discovery meeting because no one in good conscience can really give you hard numbers for customized items not yet specified. It would be like shopping with a blank grocery list and being asked to guess what your trip to the market will cost.

What we do give you, at no cost to you, is a consultation with one of our experts—an opportunity to share your ideas, desires, and concerns combined with our honest feedback and advice, and if possible, a cost range for your project. You may decide to move ahead to the next design phase or you might decide to hold off for the time being.  It's up to you.  But at least you will have the advantage of a realistic and genuine discussion about your project. That's our promise to you.

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