Professionally managed construction

In this video we discuss the essential aspects of delivering a professionally managed build, the benefits to you and the reasons why the design/build approach delivers best-bang-for-the-buck results.

When it's time to build your project, Murphy Bros. follows three simple rules:

Rule #1—Get it Right

The people who work on your home are professionals who share a commitment to excellent workmanship. We do not take short cuts. There is a right way to build and then there are all the other ways. Like you, we prefer the right way.

Your remodeling team is led by a professional project manager who is dedicated to making sure your project is built to the highest "best practices" standards. Your project manager:

  • Manages your project schedule and all the people involved
  • Facilitates communication through our cloud-based mangement system BuilderTrend™
  • Minimizes dirt, dust and confusion
  • Problem solves challenges and changes to keep the project on time

Conscientious planning and constant communication with you and your family will keep your project on track and on time. Our carpenters and painters are full-time employees, not sub-contractors. Security testing and skills testing are mandatory.

Rule #2—Play Nice

We're in your home for weeks or months at a time. And it's not always fun to be "under construction," especially when the sheet rock dust flies. So the last thing you need is a grumpy carpenter, or a crabby plumber. Our team shows up with a smile, and treats you and your family with respect and kindness. it's just common courtesy.

Rule #3—Clean Up

At the end of each work day, we do our best to control the chaos. We run the shop vac. Pick up our tools. Throw away trash. Turn off the lights. Lock the door. We treat your house like it's our home.

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