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Staging Your Home To Stay

If we can stage to sell why can't we stage to stay?

It's a what if question that has lots of possibilities for immediate enjoyment. Why not stage your home to sell why enjoying it?

Change is Certain

The times we live in certainly bear the axiom that "the only thing that we can count on is change".  So what do the current changes mean to those of us whom own homes and are trying to plan for our future? To some it has created an opportunity to upgrade

Remodeling your home: "Big Box" store vs. established local remodeling company

Most people have many misconceptions about the differences of different types of companies to work with on your home.  There is even more confusion when you consider the many different specialties and business structures of remodeling companies.  There ar

8 Tips for Making Small Houses Feel Larger

No one has a corner on good ideas so there are times when we find articles and letters that echo our thoughts and feelings at Murphy Bros. So instead of rewriting an article, it is often just easier to share it you and then give credit to the originator(s

Is your home your happy place?

Spring cleaning? Does your home seem a little drab or outdated? Time to re-fresh and "re-discover your home"! I just sorted through some clothing and the thought of a home improvement project is on my mind. It is also on my client's minds! Last week my fo

Remodeling - Now, Later, or Never....

It is an interesting industry, residential remodeling that is, as we are in a front line business. By that, I mean that we interact daily with our clients who are end users of our service and doing work on one of their most emotional investments, their ho

Basements: The Undiscovered Jewel

We homeowners are always interested in finding ways to increase the value of our homes - this is even more important in our current economy, where buyers are pickier and every nook and corner of space needs to be maximized for value and function. A baseme

Great Winter Projects: Attic Remodel

 A finished attic is a great project to undertake in the winter time. Transforming unused space into cozy bedrooms, a playroom and adding an additional bathroom will add value to your home if it is done with thoughtful design, careful planning and quality

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