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To Rot, Or Not To Rot, That Is The Question

The Unseen Threat To Every Home

Granted that’s not a fun question to ask, nor is it a common one put to most homeowners until it’s too late. However, considering several recent restoration projects we’ve done, where unknown structural rot caused significant issues, we think it should be asked now—Do you have signs of rot in your home?

Home Intelligence Series—Part 3

Indoor Air Quality—in with the good, out with the bad

The third in a series of five blogs on home intelligence deals with understanding aspects of indoor air quality.

Musty Odors?

18 Mar 2010 | Tags :FAQ, handyman, Mold, repairs, spring

A musty smell in the house is a sure sign that a mold is present in a growing state. If you have allergies, asthma, or are concerned about other problems associated with mold growing in your house; you should contact a professional that specializes in mol

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