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​Color Trends for 2021 Released

Benjamin Moore's Color of the Year 2021

And it's not Grey! Yippi! Every year a handful of elite New York influencers get together around a magnum of Champaign and select the next “color of the year”, or so we’re told, which we image probably goes something like this…“Margo, my dear, what

Upgrading Your Home’s Curb Appeal?

Here’s some clear advice and resources to help

Curb Appeal Has The Highest ROI—2 Years Running As someone in their 60’s who consequently knows a little about a lot of things, and will some day know almost nothing about everything, I am often confronted with certain vexing choices—like what new c

Why are paint colors so hard to pick?

It's mostly due to metamerism which sounds scary but it's not

Are you blinded by metamerism? Don't sweat it. We all are. As Paint & Fine Finishes manager Dan Flaherty explains in the latest short video from Murphy Bros. metamerism has to do with how we each see color differently. We’ve blogged be

Paint Paralysis is Real & You Might Have it!

Scared of Picking a Paint Color? You're Not Alone.

All of us have done it—picked a paint color we thought would change our world, only to find out we were mistaken. No big deal right? Not exactly.

Design – More than meets the eye

Great remodeling design is about much more than how things look

Great remodeling design is about much more than how things look. It also is an investment in how spaces work, how long they stay in style and what they’re worth at resale.

Is your home your happy place?

Spring cleaning? Does your home seem a little drab or outdated? Time to re-fresh and "re-discover your home"! I just sorted through some clothing and the thought of a home improvement project is on my mind. It is also on my client's minds! Last week my fo

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