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An Update on Rebuilding Efforts & Remodeling During This Pandemic

This is a personal message from the owner John Murphy for May of 2020

John Murphy shares his optimism and progress in regards to both the rebuilding of the Blaine offices which burned down last May and the continued efforts to serve clients and those making inquiries about remodeling during this pandemic.

Best of Houzz Service Award 2020

Recognized Again for Exceptional Service

Murphy Bros. has received a “Best Of Houzz” award again for customer service on Houzz®, the leading platform for home renovation and design. Now in our 37th year serving the Twin City communities, we were chosen by the millions of homeowners that comprise

The Pursuit of Happiness

The latest happiness index for remodeling is out...

The latest happiness index for remodeling is out and the top three projects might just surprise you. This isn’t ROI (return on investment) we’re talking about here, although that is no doubt a very important driver in the decision to remodel. No one wa

Why is Remodeling So Expensive?

We’ve got some answers and an even better question.

Great question. We’ve got some answers and an even better question—what can be done about it? We’ve got 10 ideas that might help.Let’s tackle the “Why” first. Which statement best describes your reaction to this statement: The most basic 5x9 bathroom gut

Aging in Place Innovations

How a smarter home can deliver peace of mind

Can you remotely open a can of beans with your smart phone? Cool, but no big deal really. Can you remotely check on the contents of your aging mother’s refrigerator to see if she’s eating right or be alerted if her daily activities suddenly change? Now th

Is Your Smart Home Getting Too Smart?

A Review of the Latest Smart Home Technology

“It's supposed to be automatic, but actually you have to push this button. ” ― John Brunner, Stand on Zanzibar We call them smart phones because they come with a disembodied voice named Siri poised to spit out directions along with often comic

Please Stop the Survey Madness!

Or at least make them count for something that really matters!

Surveys. We all get them—all the time—and are learning to hate them. Even as the Marketing Director for Murphy Bros, I’m tired of them. And it doesn’t matter what you buy either, be it a car or a burger, you’re going to get a satisfaction survey. I’m half expecting my local bait supplier to jump right in…

Living Small Sucks!

Are you suffering from the Big Living Small House Syndrome?

Stuck and fresh out of ideas, many Twin City homeowners are looking for practical guidance to solve the “Big Living Small House Syndrome”.

Mom’s Painters Program

New Careers Web Page Launches with Emphasis on Women

Mom’s Painters Program Aimed at Part-Time Marketplace This past week, Murphy Bros. launched it’s first full-scale careers page featuring a call for women in particular. “While we’re always interested in women carpenters and project managers, there a

Selected top 60 in satisfaction Again!

QR Magazine Special Report On Client Satisfaction

Murphy Bros. selected again by Qualified Remodeler & GuildQuality among the top 60 for innovation in client satisfaction Every year Qualified Remodeler magazine, in conjunction with GuildQuality, selects from among thousands of GuildQualit

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