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Move or Remodel?

To move or not to move—that is the question. The answer?

Of all the decisions in a remodel project perhaps the toughest one of all is whether to invest in your current property or look for greener pastures somewhere else.

Nellie's New Home

A perfect example of a CAP remodel

Nellie Fischbach and owner John Murphy At nearly 93, Nellie Fischbach didn't take the easy road to her new Murphy Bros. home. Yet the long-time Brooklyn Park resident's journey serves as a poignant reminder of what independent senior living can l

2012 Market Leader Award

Professional Remodeler magazine has named Murphy Bros. Designers & Remodelers as a 2012 Market Leader in the Twin Cities area. The 2012 Market Leaders program recognizes the top remodelers in 20 of the largest remodeling markets in the U.S.  "It is an hon

Mbros. Fall Newsletter

Just published, Murphy Bros. Fall Newsletter. Check out our featured kitchen, a Minneapolis condo remodel, and a less than conventional chili recipe.


We just received information that the MHFA (Minnesota Housing Finance Association) will be announcing a new rebate program for energy efficient home improvements such as windows, doors, insulation etc½  This program will have qualification criteria that i

Murphy Bros. and Cambria Finance

Murphy Bros. Designers and Remodelers is a proud supplier and installer of Cambria, the only Quartz countertop material made in the USA. We are one of a select group of companies who offer this new financing program for our clients. Murphy Bros. has in

Protecting Your Home's VALUE!

Investing in real estate in the 2000's became so vogue that "everyone" thought they should figure out away to get in on the action.  Unsuspecting investors leveraged themselves into credit lines, loans and contract for deeds; to do flips and speculate on

Change is Certain

The times we live in certainly bear the axiom that "the only thing that we can count on is change".  So what do the current changes mean to those of us whom own homes and are trying to plan for our future? To some it has created an opportunity to upgrade

8 Tips for Making Small Houses Feel Larger

No one has a corner on good ideas so there are times when we find articles and letters that echo our thoughts and feelings at Murphy Bros. So instead of rewriting an article, it is often just easier to share it you and then give credit to the originator(s

John Murphy on the Radio

John Murphy, Murphy Bros. President and CEO, recently  appeared on the Roof-to-Deck Home Show on Business AM1570, with host Mike Hilborn.  

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