New Website Launched! Murphy Bros. Paint & Fine Finishes

Our Best Kept Secret


Published on 09 Nov 2016

From right: Paint & Fine Finishes coordinator Marianne Balousek and manager Dan Flaherty consult with clients

Murphy Bros. is excited to announce the publishing of a new website devoted to our paint and finishes clients. Most of our remodeling clients become aware of our Paint & Fine Finishing division as part of their remodeling project. "Very often we help our design/build consultants and their clients pick and or match finishes for their kitchen remodels and other such projects," explains Balousek, who coordinates all projects for the department.

"But few know this division is one of the best kept secrets around," says department head Dan Flaherty, who has been working in paints and stains for more than 30 years. "There are very few if any in-house paint/finishing divisions within a design/build firm in the Twin Cities, remarks Flaherty. That gives us a big advantage when helping our design/build clients, keep their costs down, help make their selections decisions and keep their remodel jobs moving forward."

Pre-finishing interior cherry passage door. Stain application is Valspar Dark Oak.

Murphy Bros. Paint & Fine Finishes division also works with clients independently. "We actually do finishing work for other remodelers as well as homeowners who need interior or exterior work," says Flaherty. "We can also do some really creative things for homeowners who want their wood surfaces distressed or want custom glazes or rub-throughs on their cabinet doors."

"Paints and stains have gone through quite a number of advances in the last decade," says John Murphy. "Paints today are made with anti-microbial properties, such as Hirsheield's Platinum Cermanic Matte, which means they have greater durability and can be used in a wider variety of rooms within the home."

The new website is designed to give a quick run down of services and capabilities as well as a number of examples of different finishes and applications.