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10 In A Row!

It's like throwing a perfect game—only better!

Murphy Bros. Design | Build | Remodel wins another milestone in customer satisfaction with 10 great GuildQuality recommendations in a row!

Leading The Way Without Lead

Lead safe practices protecting homeowners & employees

Making sure everyone, clients and staff, understand how important it is to respect the dangers of lead in the home.

Staging Your Home To Stay

If we can stage to sell why can't we stage to stay?

It's a what if question that has lots of possibilities for immediate enjoyment. Why not stage your home to sell why enjoying it?

Can you donate your old kitchen & save thousands?

A couple in Maryland did and got a $34,000 tax deduction!

Yes and here's how...

You Can Save Money By Waiting to Remodel When...

...Fish begin riding bicycles as pigs circle overhead

...Fish begin riding bicycles as pigs circle overhead.

Murphy Wins 4th Guildmaster Award

More security for past, present, & future clients

22 Mar 2017 | Tags :

March, 2017, Minneapolis, MN—Guildmaster AwardMurphy Bros. staff would like to thank all of you who responded to our GuildQuality surveys during 2016. Sharing your honest, unvarnished opinions about your experience with us has resulted in our 4th Guildmas

To Rot, Or Not To Rot, That Is The Question

The Unseen Threat To Every Home

Granted that’s not a fun question to ask, nor is it a common one put to most homeowners until it’s too late. However, considering several recent restoration projects we’ve done, where unknown structural rot caused significant issues, we think it should be asked now—Do you have signs of rot in your home?

Tile For Two

The latest trends in tile and accessories

18 Jan 2017 | Tags :

As part of the on-going research & development commitment to our clients, Murphy Bros. design/build team members asked Ceramic Tileworks representative Jennifer Oakman to present the latest on trends in backsplashes, accessory tiles, profiles and shower organizations, as well as changes to the industry affecting quality and access to tile products in 2017.

The Great Kohler Experience

Our designer's deep dive into the world of Kohler products

Why Share the Kohler Experience? When Murphy Bros. specifies products, it’s based on decades of first-hand experience and ongoing education. While it is helpful to read about new products in brochures and view them in supplier showrooms, we take our

​This is what doing it right looks like

Controlling the Elephant in the Room—Dust!

20 Dec 2016 | Tags :

​This is what doing it right looks like At Murphy Bros. we are constantly on the lookout for ways to improve your remodeling experience and the outcomes we deliver. And while most of those improvements can still lead to big impacts, they are relativ

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