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Anatomy of an Office Fire

How our fire started and what you can do to avoid this disaster

Since our office fire in May many have asked how it started. I'd like to share with you the origins of this disaster in hopes that you will learn from our mistake and never experience something like this in your own life.

Leaner. Stronger. Better.

Recovering from our recent office fire sheds new light on everything

The New Normal If you’ve ever encountered a true epic disaster event in your life you understand the phrase, “Things will never be the same again.” Better known as “the new normal.” However, that doesn’t mean the new normal can't better than the o

Aging in Place Innovations

How a smarter home can deliver peace of mind

Can you remotely open a can of beans with your smart phone? Cool, but no big deal really. Can you remotely check on the contents of your aging mother’s refrigerator to see if she’s eating right or be alerted if her daily activities suddenly change? Now th

Is Your Smart Home Getting Too Smart?

A Review of the Latest Smart Home Technology

“It's supposed to be automatic, but actually you have to push this button. ” ― John Brunner, Stand on Zanzibar We call them smart phones because they come with a disembodied voice named Siri poised to spit out directions along with often comic

Blaine Offices Damaged by Fire

Overnight fire severely damages Murphy Bros. Blaine offices

Fire breaks out between 2 and 3 am During the early morning hours of Thursday, May 23, fire broke out in the rear portion of the Murphy Bros. Blaine office building. Responding Blaine fire crews arrived just as the rear portion of the roof caved in

Does The "Get 3 Bids" Rule Work?

Thinking through the 3-bid rule in selecting a remodeler

There are lots of rules in life. Some are good, like the golden rule. Some are stupid, like the 5-second rule—as if germs can count. So, what about the rule of three as in “Get Three Bids,” before choosing a remodeler? Where does this come from a

Deck Stain & Paint Tips For Minnesotans

Preparing Your Deck for Spring Staining & Painting

Before you rush outside with brush and can there are a few things our resident finishes expert wants you all to know so that you don’t waste time, effort and money in your quest to put color back into your favorite fading surfaces.

Please Stop the Survey Madness!

Or at least make them count for something that really matters!

Surveys. We all get them—all the time—and are learning to hate them. Even as the Marketing Director for Murphy Bros, I’m tired of them. And it doesn’t matter what you buy either, be it a car or a burger, you’re going to get a satisfaction survey. I’m half expecting my local bait supplier to jump right in…

Why Arc-Fault Breakers?

To keep your house from burning down, but...

The #1 cause of house fires (40,000 annually) are electrical. The answer is of course is to keep your house from burning down, but there’s more to that story than anyone expected when Arc-fault breakers were required in the U.S. beginning back in 20

2019 Regional NARI CotY Winner!

Contractor of the Year Award - Residential Kitchens $150,000 +

06 Feb 2019 | Tags :Contractor of the Year Award 2019

Murphy Bros. has won the NARI Regional (CotY) Contractor of the Year Award for the Kitchens $150,000 and over category. It is the 7th CotY award earned by the design/build firm, now in its 36 year of remodeling for Twin City homeowners. “This is a big dea

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