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How to damage your cabinets without trying

Care and Maintenance of Finished Wood Products

Find out how easy it is to care for and unwittingly damage your cabinets.

2021 Cost Vs. Value Report

A synopsis of the 2021 Cost Vs. Value Report shows changes on both ends

As expected, this year’s report shows significant changes in remodeling project values due to pandemic-related cost increases across the board. What it measures The report answers a single question: What value does a particular remodeling

Is the cost of a can of paint really going up 40%?

Even though price increases are coming there's still some good news

Paint costs have been rising over the last few years but now they are going to jump to record highs. We explain why and the good news that remains.

Wet bars are back! And they have a whole new look!

The solid wood alternative to quartz or granite

A new wet bar trend for 2021  “We’re always on the lookout for unique materials to help our clients create singularly beautiful remodels,” explains owner John Murphy, and we made a great find in a company that makes remarkable solid wood material fo

Moisture control in the winter

This house is too dry. This house is too humid. This one is just right!

Most of us in the upper Midwest are very familiar with the signs of condensation when temperatures suddenly fall as winter sticks its boney finger in our collective eye. All you need is a little too much moisture on the inside of your home, a dramatic difference between room temperature and outside temperatures, and suddenly water collects on the window frame.

Penny Wise — A cautionary tale of homeowner supplied labor & materials

What works and what doesn’t in saving money during a remodel

The Brewsters are frugal people. Jen and Brad, your slightly above average Minnesotans, appreciate a good deal and are not afraid to do a little extra work to get it. However, when it comes to saving money on remodeling, things aren’t so cut and dried as Nick’s Radio Active Niblets.

We're Moved In!

After a year and a half of rebuilding efforts Murphy Bros. has moved into it's new facility!

Following the fire that destroyed the North Metro office in May of 2019, Murphy Bros. has finally completed the rebuild. In this 60 sec. video, owner John Murphy gives a short update on what clients can look forward to in the new building and showroom in

​Color Trends for 2021 Released

Benjamin Moore's Color of the Year 2021

And it's not Grey! Yippi! Every year a handful of elite New York influencers get together around a magnum of Champaign and select the next “color of the year”, or so we’re told, which we image probably goes something like this…“Margo, my dear, what

48% of homeowners choose the wrong remodeler.

Here's how to improve your odds.

What is more important than client satisfaction? Nothing of course. However, if that is true, then why did a recent Pro Remodeler Magazine national survey show that a whopping 48% of homeowners would not recommend their remodeler to anyone?

Sky Rocketing Lumber Prices Affect Remodeling

Why did this happen and could it affect your remodel?

Source: The National Association of Homebuilders, Chicago Mercantile Exchange commodities index) Lumber Prices Up 80% Since April 2020.  What?!!! It's no joke folks. According to the NAHB, National Association of Home Builders, an unintended an

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